Day 25: Thankful God is My God

Day 25: Thankful God is My God

Bible Reading: Ezekiel 14:3

We unknowingly set up idols in our hearts.

Your heart is receptive to what you enthrone. Your heart is an altar of worship. Our devotion and adoration happen in our hearts. What we enthrone becomes an idol to us.

You see, the Lord is my God and I am happy He is my God.

False gods are everywhere. From entertainment to pleasures, lusts, and humans we idolize.

I’m thankful by the Word and the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed these false gods are exposed and dethroned.

Today, I am thankful God is my God. I have given my life over to Christ.

I am for the service of the Kingdom.

In God’s mercy, idols are exposed and brought down

Prayer Prompt: Lord, I am thankful the Lord dethrone idols

NB. I share some short encouragement on Instagram reels. I have been finding those interesting lately. If you are on Instagram, feel free to join the community @purposefulandmeaningful

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I wrote a lovely family devotional alongside my friend Bettie Gilbert, A Christmas For Us; 25 Family Devotions

And “A Wonderful Christmas” is an interesting devotional based on Isaiah 53

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