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Raising Godly Sons. 6 Qualities to Teach them

RAISING GODLY SONS: 7 Qualities Of Godly Men from The Book of Ruth

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 22, 2019

Sometime ago, I unsubscribed from a few groups. The tone and weight of their words against men was too hard for me to bear. I am a wife and I am a mum. I have a daughter for now but…..

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How Godly Character Sustains You In Hard Times

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 8, 2019

Welcome to Week 6! Can you believe we have come this far, already? Hey girl, if you are just joining us, access our Study Resources HERE and subscribe on YOUTUBE to Watch Video Discussions. That difficult decision had to be…..

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What Ruth teaches us About the Waiting Season

IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 30, 2019

Welcome to Week 5 of the Ruth Bible Study. New Here? No Problem Go Here to Download your Resources The waiting room of life can be exhausting; we are all looking and waiting for something. The time felt so long……

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4 Lessons from the Story of Esther and Ruth by Aminata

IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 22, 2019

I am happy to have Aminata Coote write today’s devotional in line with our ongoing Bible Study. She is the author of the New Book Royal: Life lessons from the Book of Esther. A good devotional companion for your teenage…..

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IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 15, 2019

Welcome to WEEK 3! If you are here for the first time please grab your study resources HERE. Everyone has got their hard season. But many of us don’t know how to struggle well. How Ruth was able to pull…..

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The Power Of Sister Friends In Hard Times

IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 8, 2019

This Week’s Study we see a Determined Ruth willing to go all the way for Naomi. Welcome to Week 2 of our Ruth Bible Study Did you miss the video discussion for Week 1? Subscribe on YouTube and Watch Weekly…..

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Hope For The One Who Has Lost Her Way

IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 1, 2019

I welcome you officially to the Ruth Bible Study. I feel elated sending out this post. If you are yet to sign up please do so HERE to receive your weekly Study Resources weekly sent to your emails. Kindly help…..

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Why Every Woman Should Study The Book of Ruth

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 28, 2019

I have been pondering on sharing lessons from the Book of Ruth but when a few friends and family got wind of my study plan and lessons, they nudged to study along with me. Some women wondered why the study…..

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8 Weeks Bible Study into the Book of Ruth. Subscribe Today

The Book Of Ruth Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 24, 2019

For several reasons one of my favorite Bible Books is the Book of Ruth. In the past three years I have gone through the Book of Ruth countless number of times. Perhaps you heard this story for a millionth time…..

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5 Simple Ways To Truly Enjoy Your Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 20, 2019

Hey there, thanks for making it through this study. As we gradually close in on the Bible Study course, I want you to know these video resources are available in a playlist on the channel. Feel free to watch, download…..

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5 Benefits of Meditation for your Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 18, 2019

Do you add meditation to your Bible Study? Many study methods don’t include memorization and meditation and that’s one reason I think you would love the TEACH Bible Study Method and Free Journal. allows you to Pause memorize and meditate…..

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How to Choose the Right Bible Study Plan: 3 Tips to Guide You

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 17, 2019

Now you have gotten started with your new devotional or study journal but you feel unsatisfied with the resources you have acquired WATCH this first before you begin your next study plan. In today’s video, I share 3 awesome ideas…..

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