Resources For Kids

Resources For Kids

My Kids Bible Journal is a kit I designed for kids to encourage Bible Study, hands on learning and help spiritual growth. Preferably for independent readers (6-12 years), this valuable resource would help build Bible Study habits and encourage interactive and productive learning sessions with parents.

So far, my daughter loves it!

There are awesome features including a Scripture Writing Page, Lessons Page, Prayer journal, a drawing page which can be used daily and a Simple Bible Study Plan Tracker for weekly use.

  • Weekly Bible Study plan and Tracker. The tick box allows you to track the progress made during the course of a study.
  • The Scripture Writing page helps memorizing of the verses read.
  • Drawing page for fun drawing of lessons or story scenes.
  • A Lessons page to pen down Bible lessons or answer questions from the verses read.
  • A Prayer Journal is included to help your kids write their prayers, who they are praying for and scriptures too.

Print pages desired. Create a folder for study materials. Download Now!


Download Our Bible Study plan suitable for independent readers (6-12 years).  Contains 8 Free Bible Study Plans carefully chosen to get your readers started.

The study plans are topical based and allows for your kids to memorize verses and keep up with the themes.

Topics include Forgiveness, Prayer, Friendship, and much more. The Plans are beautifully designed and you can print pages you desire.

More so, the peculiarity of different families and timing in put into consideration. Hence, some plans are 4 Day, 9 Day or 7 Day to accommodate your family needs.

Go beyond Bible Story Books get your kids into Bible Study Habits today!

Download The Bible Study Plan