Raising Godly Sons. 6 Qualities to Teach them

RAISING GODLY SONS: 7 Qualities Of Godly Men from The Book of Ruth

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 22, 2019

Sometime ago, I unsubscribed from a few groups. The tone and weight of their words against men was too hard for me to bear. I am a wife and I am a mum. I have a daughter for now but…..

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Finding Hope in the Unexpected by Carmen

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 17, 2019

I am happy to have Carmen Horne, share this article as part of our Ruth Bible Study. Carmen knows what it means to be wounded and to heal. Her father was an alcoholic and she was molested by a friend’s…..

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The Book Of Ruth Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 24, 2019

For several reasons one of my favorite Bible Books is the Book of Ruth. In the past three years I have gone through the Book of Ruth countless number of times. Perhaps you heard this story for a millionth time…..

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3 Tips To Help Jump-start a Consistent Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 7, 2019

Have you tried having a consistent Bible Study time? Are you struggling with life ups and downs? I get where you are now because like you I also wear many hats. Having a consistent Bible Study routine can be tough…..

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How To Do In-Depth Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 23, 2019

I enjoy in-depth Bible study. Combing deep and not just perusing the Bible helps you understand principles and lean closer. Just before you continue, I appreciate everyone following this Video based Improve Your Bible Study Course. If you are just…..

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How To Handle Difficult Friendships: Betrayals

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 14, 2019

Bible Reading: Psalm 35, 2Samuel 15:12-31, 2 Samuel 16:23, Romans 12:17-21 She was pregnant and found out her friend had been saying lots of tales about her. She wept and cried sore. Not at this time. She told all their…..

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How To Break the Yoke Toxic Friendships:

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 12, 2019

God never imposes anything on us. Friendship is a choice. Through the Word, God shows us the rewards or consequences of our choices that is, what lies ahead of the path we choose, good or bad, life or death. His…..

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The Cost of Toxic Friendships

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 10, 2019

We have examined how to identify toxic relationships. God willing we will examine the cost of such friendships in our lives. Loose ends and shifting standards are evident in today’s Christianity. Whether it is pressures from the LGBT community, abortions,…..

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The Friendly Foe: Identifying Toxic Friendships

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 9, 2019

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 13:1-20, Esther 5:1- 14 and Esther 6:1-13 Proverbs 13:20 A lot of us have fallen victim of toxic relationships that were once rosy sugar-coated ties. We have once sympathised with those who had harmful intentions towards…..

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The Counsellor: A Few Wise Women

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 8, 2019

“I don’t need friends” said no wise woman ever….. Your circle of friends may be members of your family regardless of intergenerational gaps. Grandma Ann is my friend and she is so full of wisdom. As a teen, I ran…..

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The Companion: Finding Friends in Odd Places

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 4, 2019

My bestie was Cameroonian. When she died I was left heartbroken. Picking up pieces of what was left of our friendship was hard. During her pain and sickness, we had prayed and hoped for that miracle. But God had better…..

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Does Friendship have to be so complicated?

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 28, 2019

I needed one compelling reason to wave goodbye to that friend. Deep down I knew our principles didn’t align but I was willing to hold on to it. Why? Perhaps it was fear, or was it the thoughts of how…..

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