Hi, my name is Ifeoma Samuel. I am wife to my sweetheart, Obi, and mom to one busy girl. I always say that “about me” pages are incredibly hard to write but I will try!

It is not easy describing how the blog began but I assure you that Purposeful and Meaningful is beyond typing up a blog post and hitting publish.

It is about bringing hope, sharing a table with friends, and serving up doses of love. It is a ministry.

I have been privileged to mentor and teach many young people including teenagers while faithfully serving in the children’s ministry both locally and in South Africa.

This online home provides an opportunity to share lessons learned along the way. I am not there yet. Life still springs up surprises in fact some shaking my comfortable places.

In all I am learning to trust God more deeply as I walk this pilgrim’s journey.


Can I tell you a quick story?

I once caught a glimpse of a cat leaping quickly over the fence. As it made its escape, I couldn’t help but notice the little chick in its jaws. I felt heartbroken for the chick. It was going to make a meal for one hungry prey.

I sat still pondering on what life lessons God was showing me. Like that poor chick, we often fall prey when we choose to do life alone. What if the mother hen was by its side? Maybe it would have been safe. We will never know.

Truth is “You” and “I” need real friends, family, and a supportive community. We need the truth of God’s Word spoken to our hearts constantly.

That short scene also taught me how dangerous it is to let my guards down as a believer. The enemy always seeks an opportunity, right?

That’s where the community helps.


Purposeful and Meaningful serve as an encouraging community for women just like you whether you have gone through the jagged edges of life or are struggling to find hope, or you are navigating through motherhood and marriage, sister, you are not alone.


Through deep Bible Study, inspiring devotionals and of course prayers we encourage each otherIt is incredible how God uses ordinary everyday life experiences to teach us about His immense love for us and draw us closer to Him. And that’s what I write about mostly. 

You will often find me with a book, reading or writing when not in a teaching or training session with both small and large groups. 

My Struggle With Writing. Although, I enjoy sitting behind the screen and sharing what lessons God is laying on my path, I must let you know I am far from perfect whether in writing or in my real-life relationships.

Sounds hilarious, but I skip words a lot! But it is not about me or my writing weaknesses. 

Every publication here is a reminder of how much I need God in my own life too.

While I battle with my physical limitations, God uses every word on this space to reach the hearts of women hungry for Him. So it’s all for His Glory.

From deep within, I pray as you spend time here reading, pondering, journeying along with our growing community that you find divine inspiration and encouragement.

Lest I forget, I do have another blog. If you like African Christian Fictions, feel free to stop by at FaithPen

My statement of Faith in a few words; I believe in the Living God who gave His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to die for my sins.
I believe He shed His precious Blood for the remission of my sins.
I believe that my salvation is by only His Grace.
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