The Lady Evangelist Bible Study


The Lady Evangelist Bible Study

I don’t know about you but I love to share God’s Word. It is such a privilege to be saved and deeply loved by the One who has made us.

Sister, every lady should be an evangelist. Yes! from your little kitchen, to your small shop, to your local community, to your workplace, everywhere and every day God presents an opportunity for us to tell others about the wonderful love of Jesus.

We don’t need to get behind the pulpit to talk about Jesus.

In this study we discuss simple ways to share the Gospel; what we learn from the Bible about evangelism; How to be faithful in sharing the Good News.

Follow this 5 Day Study Plan

Day 1: How Evangelism Changes You

Day 2: 7 Habits Of An Effective Evangelist

Day 3: 7 Tips For Effective Evangelism

Day 4: When Evangelism Doesn’t Go As Planned

Day 5: How To Evangelize like the Samaritan Woman