7 Day Advent Prayer Devotional

7 Day Advent Prayer Devotional


To prepare your heart for advent is to accept Jesus as the Lord of your life.

It is to choose Christ over the world.

It is to remind yourself of His return and prepare yourself for it.

Yes, the Lord is coming back again, would He find us ready? Or are we going to be too occupied for Him?

His return would be in an unusual way, like the first, are you prepared to meet Him?

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It is my Advent Prayer to focus on what truly matters. What truly prepares you for the Lord? Is it the decorations, the queued menu, palatable dishes, glitz and glamour of shopping carts or the fanciful Christmas tree?

The Lord is passing by your home do you have room for Him to stay?

Is your heart available for Jesus? Or is it filled with other things?

Creating Your Home For the Lord

I invite you to sit under your tree or on your couch, or the front porch. You know what, go ahead choose anywhere serene, peaceful and not distracting.

Quieten your heart. Reflect on the purpose of Jesus here on earth and let your heart worship Him.

It’s deep and refreshing to know the saviour of the world was born for our sake. An undeserved invitation to receive Christ and to have Him resident in our lives.

Our homes should bask in that glory!

We can’t adequately prepare your home without first talking to the Lord about it. right?

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