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Bible Studies

The Anchored Woman Bible Study
The Anchored Woman Bible Study

The Anchored Woman Bible Study

My heart longs for a deeper connection. The love of God draws us closer to His Secret place. We find comfort in the shadow of wings. His feathers keeps us safe.

What is the anchor of your soul?

One thing I have desired and that will I seek after…(Psalm 27:4)

David grasped the essence of His constant presence. As He fought every war, conquered nations and brought his enemies to their knees, David could have asked for anything life could offer. But David desired One thing alone. This study was one of the hardest to write. God did a lot of pruning in my heart. 

The Yielded Life Bible Study Series
The Yielded Life Bible Study Series

The Yielded Life Bible Study

For the first time for as long as I remember, I woke up unsure of what I truly wanted on my New Year Plan. Evaluating, asking probing questions and wondering if they belonged there. 

Eventually, I came up with an empty page.

A gentle nudge reminded me of how unable I am to control or handle my life. Lord, I surrender!

With a yielding heart I approach my New Goals. A heart willing to surrender to God’s Will and not to my unending desires.

In this Study, we will see the importance of following hard after God’s Will and staying right there in His Presence, listening and obeying as He leads the way. If you are in the midst of making Plans or about to take New turns in Life, this study is worth your time.

21 Days Prayers For Wives {21:31 Challenge}

21 Days Prayer For Wives
21 Days Prayer For Wives

Through simple-hearted obedience, God teaches us. I found myself studying and praying through Proverbs 31:10-28 As I gleaned, I penned down prayers in my journal. I desire to share with more women.

Why are we doing this study? There are many of us who desire to pray even for ourselves but don’t know the words to say. I have been there. It’s frustrating to want to pray and not sure how to string your thoughts.

Gladly, the Scriptures are there for us. I like scripture based prayers. They help you frame the words and speak confidently to our Heavenly Father. Praying with the scriptures backs up your prayer. In simple terms, you pray with God’s Word with understanding.

 No I don’t have all the answers neither do I know it all. But I am willing to be generous with friends. There is power when we pray together. We believe and encourage one another in our faith walk. That’s what sisters do..right?

To be a Wife who honors God, love her husband and her children is the desire of many a Godly woman. But we can’t become virtuous without God’s help.

In this prayer challenge, I encourage to invite a friend and sister to join you everyday for the next 21 Days.

Raising An Esther Generation Bible Study

Body Image struggles, Identity crises are real. Ever heard those lies that say ‘you are not good enough’, ‘you are not beautiful’, ‘you can’t fit in’? I have heard them! I have been privileged to counsel and converse with girls and moms who struggle with it.

Surprisingly, many struggle in teen years carry it over and barely cope even as adults, wives and now, moms.

Please note, it is not enough to say..’You are beautiful’. It barely scratches the surface of the issue. If more moms can find healing themselves, then our daughters will have more confidence in who they are. 

Dive into this amazing study!

Guarding Your Momma Heart Bible Study  

Turn on the news, social media, Whatsapp chat groups its one scary tale or another. It is a constant pull this way and that toward fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

How can you ‘Guard your Momma Heart’ in this chaotic, noisy mess? 

All through the Study, we glean from Scriptures and learn how to keep our hearts and minds at this time.

“Escape to the Mountain” Study Plan 

Do you often wonder why we find Obedience and Surrender hard to do? I do too!

In this 5-Day Bible Study follow the life of Lot and his family, their choices, their challenges and how it relates with our everyday struggles to live out a life of total obedience.

We answer the questions;

Does Obedience matter?

Can we escape to the Mountain

Where is the Mountain and how do we get there?

This study will help understand the power of Total Obedience and help you live out a Life of Surrender.

The Fierce Hope Bible Study                             

Hope. Joyful today in anticipation of something better. I love the word HOPE. May be you have beaten pretty badly by life, or you are struggling to grasp hope right where you are…truth is there is Hope in Christ Jesus. That’s the assurance we have.

This study is perfect for every woman who has been told there is ‘no Hope’.

Every day in this study, you will see women just like you who choose to hold on to the faith, women who found hope when the world thought it was over! Start this Study Plan. I can’t wait to hear what God is doing in your life!

 The Invitations Bible Study

Invitations from the Lord Jesus are open doors to bravely unlocking doors of unlimited opportunities and with limitless access.

In the least favorite places, we find Him sweetly giving us a hand and yet with another He offers us invitations. Many places He bids us to ‘come’.

From Matthew 11:28 and several other scriptures, we will search out many other ‘Bold Invitations’ we need to accept.

Bravely, because it requires surrendering our time, risking our commitment and replacing fear when we take them on.

Unlimited opportunities, because everything we ever need is right there in Him.

Limitless access because God never shuts us away from some aspects of our heritage in Him.

In a few words, accepting God’s invitations requires a brave heart to embrace unlimited opportunities with a boundless access.

The Lady Evangelist Bible Study

The Lady Evangelist Bible Study
The Lady Evangelist Bible Study

I don’t know about you but I love to share God’s Word. It is such a privilege to be saved and deeply loved by the One who has made us.

Sister, every lady should be an evangelist. Yes! from your little kitchen, to your small shop, to your local community, to your workplace, everywhere and every day God presents an opportunity for us to tell others about the wonderful love of Jesus.

We don’t need to get behind the pulpit to talk about Jesus.

In this study we discuss simple ways to share the Gospel; what we learn from the Bible about evangelism; How to be faithful in sharing the Good News.