RAISING GODLY SONS: 7 Qualities Of Godly Men from The Book of Ruth
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RAISING GODLY SONS: 7 Qualities Of Godly Men from The Book of Ruth

Raising Godly Sons. 6 Qualities to Teach them

Sometime ago, I unsubscribed from a few groups. The tone and weight of their words against men was too hard for me to bear. I am a wife and I am a mum. I have a daughter for now but I will never teach her to see men as devils.

No matter what side of the feminist debate you are on, we can agree on one thing, just as there are nasty men and there are nasty women too.

“Far too long women ministries have emphasised on raising godly daughters, becoming godly wives and women in general. Perhaps, we have not paid enough attention to raising godly sons for our daughters.

I know for sure there are godly men. They may not be a lot but there are Boaz(es).

I drew her attention to the fact that satan has almost succeeded in attacking men and their destinies because of the key role they play in spiritual and societal headship.

What does this mean to us as sisters, mothers and wives?

It means we sit up in our war rooms. It means we pay close attention to bringing up heavenly minded and earthly impactful sons. 

Raising Godly Men: 6 Godly Qualities to teach your sons from Ruth Bible Study.

  6 Godly Qualities to Teach Your Sons.

(1) Never takes advantage of others because he perceive them as defenceless. Boaz had every opportunity to have his way with Ruth. But never did. A godly man never takes advantage of women especially when they are vulnerable. He seeks to be protect and speak up for those in challenging situations.

How can our sons be more attentive to the needs of others? It all starts at home.

(2) A Godly man lives a life of principle and discipline. Notice how Boaz relates well with his workers. He is not the kind of boss that rub his workers noses to the dirt. He sought information for clarity. He never rushed into hasty decision making.

Also, he keeps to his word. He shows commitment and responsibility.

(3) A Godly man is chaste in his conversation. No way does he despise Ruth. His words came out with grace, compassion and blessings. A godly man’s mouth is a well of blessing. We should teach our sons to choose their words carefully.

(4) He does what is right before God. Boaz was not seeking to be a men pleaser. He was just and straight up with the truth when it needed to be said.                                                   

(5) He works hard and nurtures his business. He goes about what he wants according to principle not by tricks or exploitative means. There is value in working hard.

(6) He is filled with kindness and compassion. No matter how much we acquire or how famous we become, our compassion for others should never wither away. Compassion is one way to show we truly walk with Jesus.

As the Ruth Bible Study comes to a beautiful end …. take time to do a reflection this Week 8. Enjoy Week 7 Video Wrap Please do subscribe…. would love to see you over there too. Watch out for the last video in this Study series.

In what areas has this study touched your life?

What steps are you taking to ensure that God’s Word is tucked in your heart?


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