How To Walk in Total Victory
Bible Study

How To Walk in Total Victory

How do you walk everyday in total victory? #victory

It has been exciting following through this Bible Study. As we conclude the Spirit of the Giant Slayer Bible Study, it is important we discuss how to live every day in victory.

David took off the head of Goliath. The Philistines scrambled for safety. The rain was definitely going to pour on their heads. Fury from 40 days of torment was a joke. God’s people got enough courage to put the Philistines to flight after the head of their champion went off.

Bible Study: 1 Samuel 17:51-58

What Next after Goliath is down?

Is it enough to just slay Goliath?

Victory invites expected and unexpected surprises. David’s life unveils twists and turns that we can all relate with.

Victory comes at a price. But the cost is worth it.

Four Unexpected Real Life Changes that come with Victory

The High Expectation: All eyes fell on David afterward. He became a fast-rising high ranking officer. He would have to meet up to these as well. 1 Samuel 18:6-7

It’s a societal mindset to see what’s next like tracking a celebrity update, stalking them their every post. The pressure to perform is real, and the spotlight makes it more difficult ask the secular celebrities.

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:19

The Israelite women took to the streets chanting songs of victory in the name of David and King Saul. Giving him more credit than their king. Saul didn’t let the matter rest. His ego and reputation were at stake.

While on the run from envious Saul, he had his troubles. The Amalekite raided them 1 Samuel 30:1-6. His men became disappointed enough to consider stoning David. In all, David remained humble and encouraged himself in the Lord.

Suddenly everyone is impressed with your achievement. There are songs sung for those who slay giants. Believe me when I say victory has its own song. And oh girl, it is not the same as the regular victory songs. It is so good you will love to hear your name chanted among the singing women.

Those high expectations can be a source of pride if not cautiously handled. But David remained humble and of good behaviour in the palace. He behaved himself wisely and comported himself in the presence of the King.

Such meekness, to remember that all our success is because of God and not anything of our own.

The Envy: Are you surprised? One would think his master Saul would be happy. He used to be Saul’s armour bearer and Saul’s special musician. Saul used to love David 1 Samuel 16:14-23

Now, Saul gravitates to becoming his arch enemy. 1 Samuel 18:9-12 and 1 Samuel 19:1

Enemies would rise.

Your manifesting potentials will be on the attack. Suddenly others start to feel threatened like Saul.

With victory comes envy- envy from all unexpected places.

In spite of this, David continued to serve and behave wisely in the courts.

As the assault on his life became more unmanageable, David even had to rely on King Achish, the Israelite enemy to protect himself. 1 Samuel 21:10-14

Sometimes enemies become of value than brothers! I ask, what wisdom had David? The anointing on his life made him untouchable, envy, or no envy.

God’s hand upon your life is your defense. God is your fortress and hiding place no enemy can touch you when you are hiding under the shadows of His wings.  

The Fame: He went undefeated. Victory comes with noise, glory, and fame. You can’t control how far your fame would reach but your character is still under your control. Fame did not change David’s love for God.

After numerous victories, he sought ways to please the Lord. 2 Samuel 7:1-2

The Honour: What an honour to be referred to as someone worth more than ten thousand men when he fell into issues with Absalom, people gave their unwavering support to keep their King safe. 2 Samuel 18:2-4

What then must we do to walk in victory every day?

David’s life shows us it is possible to live every day in victory. All through our study, we see that winning life’s battles is a daily faith walk.

5 Keys To Live A Victorious Life

5 Keys To Live a Victorious Life. The Spirit of The Giant Slayer Bible Study

Proactive faith: David shows us something important. Yes, Goliath was down but he took off the head. Don’t settle for the first strike. Go again and again until the armour and the head are completely dismembered.

Recall Elisha and the King of Israel in 2 Kings 13:14-19 he expected him to strike the ground over and over arrow until it was certain that the enemy would not come back again.

Ponder: Why was the prophet angry? Did the king of Israel act out of unbelief or disregard?

God is our Biggest Cheerleader. Every time we fall, His hands are outstretched to raise us up. We can safely run into His unfailing arms.

You don’t stop at the brink of Canaan Land you go all the way and possess every inch of it. You take over. You move in faith because the Lord has commanded so.

Discipling and Training: It’s no surprise victory today doesn’t mean the enemy won’t return! The Philistines came back to fight despite being defeated. 2 Samuel 21: 15-17

Something was different this time, David was exhausted. Thankfully he had his trained men taking up the battle. This brings up the importance of discipling others in the way of the warrior.

We enjoy resounding victories when we are together with other saints. The enemy remains beaten over and over on all fronts. Whether or not we feel exhausted like David, we have an army of believers praying alongside us.

A Repentant Heart: When he fell David always went back to God.  David was convicted of his sin with Bathseba, killing of Uriah or when he took census contrary to the Lord’s commands, he repented on all occasions.

David was a man like you and I. Any time we take our eyes off Christ, we fall into the enemy’s trap. 

Bible Readings: Psalm 24;16-18, and Psalm 51:17

Any time we take our eyes off our source we fall hard.

I love the humble heart David had. Not arrogant or bashful when corrected. Instead, he received the words with eagerness to please God.

It is pride that pushes us away. Pride makes us forget that it is God that brought us this far. May we never forget our source.

Don’t lose your guard. A typical human behavior is to stand down after a victory. No, sister, the devil is a roaring lion going to and fro. If the enemy is not at rest doing what he knows how to do best, we, believers should never rest in the place of battle.

King Uzziah. Marvelously helped of the Lord, when he “arrived”. He kicked God’s commands to the ditch. 2 Chronicles 26:14-18

May we never forget how marvelously helped we are. May our hearts continually seek to please God.

More enemies will rise as a result of slaying your Goliath. Be strong and keep a humble heart.

Remember that slaying Goliath is more important because your life and many others connected to you depends on it. God kept David from being killed by Goliath, he preserved his life from Saul too.

Enjoy God’s Presence Daily: David’s love for God didn’t diminish. Whenever he fell, he was humble to crawl back into God’s loving arms.

I couldn’t say this enough. This is key to living a life of victory. Knowing God in your personal space and keep your relationship.

If we can thrive in our daily communion, we will walk everyday in victory.

Journal Prompts

How is your daily walk?

Are you craving a relationship?

Are you intentional about a deeper connection with the Lord?


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By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

  • Amen! Thank you for these truth-filled thoughts and Scriptures, Ifeoma. Oh, may I keep my heart so focused on God like David did. It is only His Spirit within us that keeps us going through these days that feel so chaotic in this world. And yet, God still has such beautiful purpose for us to walk with HIM. Blessings to you dear friend. xoxo

    • Amen Bettie. Thank you for your prayers.
      I’m grateful this study was a blessing to you dear friend.
      Thank you dear sister.

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