5 Benefits of Meditation for your Bible Study
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5 Benefits of Meditation for your Bible Study

Do you add meditation to your Bible Study?

Many study methods don’t include memorization and meditation and that’s one reason I think you would love the TEACH Bible Study Method and Free Journal. allows you to Pause memorize and meditate on the scripture.

Watch the video T.E.A.C.H Bible Study Method

5 Benefits of Biblical Meditation for Your Bible Study.
Learn why and how Meditation should be included in your personal study time.

If you think meditation is sitting in a quiet corner and just staring into open space, then you’ve got it all wrong! Biblical meditation is far different from Eastern meditation. I love Rosilind Jukic’s explanation. You might want to read more about the differences, HERE.

In today’s video, I share why and how meditation is essential for effective Bible Study. Learn how Biblical Meditation is beneficial to growing your faith journey. CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, follow all the videos in this Bible Study course in this playlist.

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