Free Bible Study Plan and Study Journal for kids
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Free Bible Study Plan and Study Journal for kids

I spent the last week putting something together for my daughter. I am excited to share this resource with your kids as well. My daughter has Bible Stories but she has always read through the Bible since she began to read. I prepared topical Bible Studies from simple verses. I am giving eight of these study plans away for free! Yes eight study plans to choose from.


Did I hear you say, just in time for Summer? Yes, I think so too.


While you plan for your family fun activities, add this. Summer is a perfect time to help build Bible Study Habits in your kids.

Bible story books are good but even better is studying the Word itself. When kids start studying the Word early it becomes a part of them for life.

Download Free Study Plan For Kids

To accompany the Study Plan is a Free Bible Study Journal with 6-7 pages of active interaction both for you and your kids.

You can use the Free Study Plans here or any other of your choice with the Kids Journal. Journal pages are designed to work well for Bible Studies.

Download My Kids Bible Study Journal 

  • I woke up this morning hoping to find something like this for our summer activities. I want to incorporate bible study in our routine this summer. THANK YOU!

    • I am so glad you found it!
      I hope your kids find the resources helpful.
      Blessings to you

  • This is awesome Ifeoma. I definitely need ways to make sure that my kids know who God is and what He means to them in their everyday lives. Downloaded and pinned.

    • Great sister 😃😃
      Thank you for sharing along. Hope you find them useful.
      Hugs Brittany

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