7 Prayers For The Wife Who is Hurting

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 30, 2016

You never know how much hurt many wives endure until your head and heart is deep in their stories. We have been hurt one way or the other. I confess I have too, friend.   The hurt for many wives may be…..

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What to do When You are Married to An Unbelieving Husband” by Stephane Singletary

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 1, 2016

Finding my way through these years with my husband was difficult. God’s love and compassion, gave me the strength to face the battle that was just beginning.   Living with an unbelieving husband is challenging, and can be downright difficult at times. We…..

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5 Ways to Overcome Emptiness in Marriage

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 13, 2016

Happily married to a loving man, blessed with a daughter—everything seemed to be going well.   Until, the feeling of emptiness towered down my soul, a vacuum begging to be filled, the gaping hole in my heart exposing an untouched…..

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7 Prayers For The Hurting Spouse

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 13, 2015

One Sunday morning, as my husband and I prepared for church, we discussed as usual. Suddenly, our conversation took an unusual turn. Our hearty talk became one of unraveling emotions.  Obi shared his feelings of hurt and disappointment he had…..

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Be willing to be Vulnerable

IFEOMA SAMUEL | March 4, 2015

Be willing to be Vulnerable When we open ourselves to receive God’s words we enjoy the intimacy we desire. To be unveiled is to delicately give over your most closely guarded heart into the gentle hands of our lord. It…..

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Show Appreciation

IFEOMA SAMUEL | November 25, 2014

On my last birthday, I had a surprise birthday cake from my Sunday school kids. I really appreciated the fact that they took out time, money and effort to appreciate their teacher. I got a lovely bag from a mother…..

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11 Secrets that will Drive Your Spouse Closer to You

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 31, 2014

I have always liked my good old grand-mothers’ advice. I may sound conservative but come to think of it, it did work in their days so why not get check it out?  If the new ways are leading to more…..

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