Guarding Your Momma Heart

Guarding Your Momma Heart

Guarding Your Momma Heart Bible Study  

Turn on the news, social media, Whatsapp chat groups its one scary tale or another. It is a constant pull this way and that toward fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

How can you ‘Guard your Momma Heart’ in this chaotic, noisy mess? 

All through the Study, we glean from Scriptures and learn how to keep our hearts and minds at this time.

Follow this amazing 9 Day Study using the links below:

Day 1: Breaking The Chains Of Fear 

Day 2: For The Mom Who Is Anxious Of The Future

Day 3: For The Mom Afraid To Wear Her Shoes

Day 4: For The Mom Who Wants To Live On Her Own Terms

Day 5: Being Mom When The Unexpected Happens

Day 6: For The Mom Who Doesn’t Feel Beautiful Anymore

Day 7: For The Mom Who Needs To Get Off Her High Horse 

Day 8: For The Mom Who Feels She Is Missing Out On Life 

Day 9: How To Guard Your Momma Heart In The Midst Of Chaos