The Gift Of Rest in Chaotic World

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 21, 2017

The usual morning rush. Packing back packs, preparing breakfast, school drop-offs, errands, getting ready for business/work day, never ending chores etc. Day in Day out. Same routine. Non-stop parenting tasks. Tearing off completed to-do lists. Pieces and scraps. Messes to…..

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7 Prayers When You Are Weary in The War Room

IFEOMA SAMUEL | October 9, 2017

My friend hardly asks for help. We both love to pray whenever we get the chance to but there were lots of challenges in the last few months. The enemy had kept us busy fighting in all directions. Friend, behind the…..

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Encouragement For When Your Hope is Fiercely Shaken

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 23, 2016

After a long week of torturous waiting for test results to swing in my favour, and it didn’t!  I was tired of fighting. I was done filling the holes with hope.   This war is waged against my peace and this…..

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The Tide-Turning God by Natalie Abrahams

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 11, 2015

Bible Reading: Luke 23:46 And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost Luke 23:46 Do you know what I am pondering?…..

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Cup of tea, a friend and the dance

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 6, 2015

I sat with a cup of hot beverage drink, reminisced on those beautiful memories I had shared with my best friend, my grand father. You see, my siblings and I grew up at my grand parents’ home.It was so fun growing up at their…..

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There Is No Season of Death! by Natalie Abrahams

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 4, 2015

I was sitting and reminiscing on my life one cold winter day the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, “There is no season of Death”. Outside was the bitter cold with no sign of the once beautiful green grass and flower…..

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For The Woman Who Is Dissatisfied With Life!

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 29, 2015

 Do you observe that most tech giants  upgrade on their previous products continuously and each new model is an improvement on the last one? Why do they keep building new models even if the older products have not been fully exhausted by their…..

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You are Already a Winner! by Natalie Abrahams

IFEOMA SAMUEL | July 28, 2015

  Everyone wants to be a winner in life; the best, number one, the owner of the crown.  Somehow, the worldly system drives us to believe that only first place is the winner and that competition is good and healthy and creates a…..

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How To Encourage Others to Fulfill Their God-Given Dreams

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 25, 2015

  Watching cheerleaders dance their heart out for their favorite teams show how much they believe in their players.    As a writer, I’d really love my articles or books to inspire others into fulfilling their God-given agendas for their lives. Believing in someone has…..

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How To Spring Your Spiritual Home

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 20, 2015

I am glad to have my friend, Rosilind, over here today as my guest. Please read and enjoy.    Spring is my second-most favorite season.  After the snow melts and the ground dries out, I look forward to opening my windows and letting…..

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Loving God: What My Daughter Taught Me

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 18, 2015

  Sometime last November my little princess turned 3 years old. My brother –in law and his wife came over in the evening to celebrate with her. She was excited seeing them because it had been a while. Her uncle asked…..

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7 Powerful Steps To Help Your Kids Overcome Nightmarish Dreams

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 9, 2015

 Have your kids ever experienced nightmares? Are you familiar with these occurrences in your home? Here is a scripture I love; I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.                             …..

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