How To Show Compassion To Your Kids Everyday
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How To Show Compassion To Your Kids Everyday

All I wanted was the toys packed away but the child was far from done with them. Ok, get them packed away when you are done. Two hours later, the toys were still lying around the corner and she was done with them.

This time it was a no way. I raised my voice. 

Phone rings. It’s my mum. We get talking.

Can I speak to grandma? Sure thing. I passed the cell phone to my daughter. Suddenly, she broke out sobbing.

What! Next thing I hear is “My head is aching grandma but my mom is disturbing raising her voice”.

I knew I was in hot water. By now I was back on line with my mom.

My daughter had said that earlier, I wasn’t buying that excuse. I thought she was looking for a way out.

“Now you have to take it easy on the young lady” says my mum on the other end of the phone. From one mama’s heart to another, that’s something. I really needed to be calm.

My daughter as well as people in my life deserves compassion even when it doesn’t seem like it.

After that experience I realized how selfish I was. At that time, I cared more about putting the room in order than actually listening. I joined her is putting them away and made some tea. Peace offering? Yup!

Home-keeping should never come before the people in our homes. 

Who am I kidding? I mess up too, big time. In fact, I dote about in pajamas hoping God would not notice I had skipped on our time. But yet His compassion trumps my some time slack attitude.

It would not hurt at all offering some of that compassion you and I have received.

Love drowns multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

While it does not annul corrective measures, it does it with compassion. Love stirs our heart to teach the heart of our children.

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Compassion can only come from a heart molded and guarded by love.

For many of us who had not received compassion from our own parents, this may seem alien. But I want you to hear this, God’s grace is sufficient for you. God is love and with Him you have got this compassion thing covered!

Let’s say this simple prayer together….

Prayer: Lord Jesus, mold my heart and guard my heart with your love. I place my parenting processes in your hands. Teach me to be a better mom. Make my heart be full of compassion in Jesus name.

A heart molded in love means your compassion towards your kids moves you to find ways to reach their hearts.

As we tap into God’s profound grace as moms, our children see how much we love them as we express God’s love towards them whether through discipling, discipline or teaching.

Can you accept that our kids deserve our compassion? Do you know we can also teach our children compassion? Read 6 Ways To Teach Your Children Compassion

6 Simple Ways to Show Compassion Everyday to Your Kids. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Compassion is an action we carry out everyday.

*Smile more. Don’t wait for a special reason to smile. Do it all the time. For the most time, smile while you are speaking.

*Remind your kids you love them every day. Discipline is necessary. Love is corrective. God’s love is unconditional despite the mistakes His love towards us continually pursues us. Reassure your kids of the love you have for them. Speak the truth of God’s love to their hearts every day. Love is a powerful weapon against the enemy. God gives us perfect love which of course the enemy can’t stand.

*Give some time and join their playtime fun activities. There is no better way connect with their hearts than to join in what makes them happy.

*Lead them patiently. I admit i often lose it. I know i am not alone. But patience is a fruit of the Spirit. So is gentleness. I pray this consistently and I encourage you to do the same.  

Lord, grant me a patient and a compassionate heart in Jesus name.

*Remember it is all for His Love. In all you do, do it with love. I get it. Sometimes it is annoying, it works you up. You sacrifice, you pour. You give. You give until you are afraid you are unable to give more.  Serve them with that love in your heart.

But it is solely God’s love that gets us through the messy, the mundane and the tough days.

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  • I definitely need to know this, remind myself, and practice this daily. You said the same things God has been telling me. “Give your children the same grace I give you.”

    • 6 years ago

    Great points! Our children are people, too. I believe Jesus gave them a voice when He invited them to come to Him. He listens to them, and He is our example. Not having been trained that way as children ourselves makes it harder for us, but He will gladly help us as we walk with Him.

    • Parenting is filled with hurdles may God continually help us sister!
      Thank you for chiming in…

  • Dear Ifeoma,
    What a precious offering from your heart today! I love this thought: “A heart molded in love means your compassion towards your kids moves you to find ways to reach their hearts.” And, isn’t that what Jesus does for us? He finds ways to reach us, when no one else can. May I let Him mold my heart to be more like His, more compassion every day. Blessings, love & hugs to you dear friend!

    • Amen!
      Thanks Bettie, so precious how God teaches us in simple ways using everyday situations.
      God Bless dear friend

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