Does Friendship have to be so complicated?

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 28, 2019

I needed one compelling reason to wave goodbye to that friend. Deep down I knew our principles didn’t align but I was willing to hold on to it. Why? Perhaps it was fear, or was it the thoughts of how…..

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Unlocking the Year With The Power of The Word.

IFEOMA SAMUEL | January 2, 2017

Why won’t the clock wait for me? It can’t stop ticking. My daughter kept staring at the clock and wishing it could wait for just a while. For once I felt that way. I wish it could wait a bit…..

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For The One Who Wants To Be Brave

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 31, 2016

You Need To Be Brave! I’m sure you’ve heard that line a thousand times over. Those are words that ring the strings of our heart when every bit of courage got lost in the drain. Like wilted vegetables begging for…..

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The Power of The Story Behind Your Scars

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 23, 2016

Anyone who knows my daughter easily identifies her ability to spin out bucket full of questions. And honestly, sometimes I have a hard time coming up with answers.  On this day, she stared at me for a while …and said what…..

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Prayer For A Discouraged Heart

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 10, 2016

Prayer for the Discouraged Heart One of the many defining moments in life are those filled with exciting glide into the next page of our season.  We step in with so much grace and expectations. At this times we have…..

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When You Want To Fall into The Trap Of Comparison

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 7, 2016

Many times we feel like failures because we are constantly in pursuit of other peoples acquisitions, someone else’s dream and what they are. A dangerous path of comparison leads headlong into a life of failure. One of the chapters, in…..

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When Quitting Feels Like the Only Thing To Do

IFEOMA SAMUEL | August 3, 2016

We feel like reaching out and hugging someone who shares the titbits about their personal struggles not because we like their struggles but because a part of our heart can certianly relate with their story.  Suddenly, we realise we are…..

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7 Timeless Truths for the Mom Who Feels she is Failing!

IFEOMA SAMUEL | September 28, 2015

Get ready to get a bit uncomfortable! One mommy friend of mine drove by my house just the other day. We had quite a conversation. And BOOM! Like the clock had stopped ticking and the whole “time-concept” ceased to exist…..

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Failing? Get up and Try again (Part 3): When failure becomes your new name

IFEOMA SAMUEL | February 1, 2015

Failing? Get up and Try again (Part 3): When failure becomes your new name We have discussed God’s Master Plan and God has our backs earlier in this series. Today it is when you start thinking like a failure, you adopt the name…..

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