How To Pray When Your Husband Travels
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How To Pray When Your Husband Travels

The night before I lost my sleep. Eager. Wishing I could fast forward the hands of the clock. The wait was finally over. God had given His nod to this heartfelt prayer.

The waiting of a wife for her travelling husband is not easy to put in words.

Week after week, she would turn and toss upon their bed.

The screams of the empty bed-space in the room.

The echoes of an empty corner.

Constant check-ins. Frequent calls and messages. Emotional meltdowns.

Calendar pages either marked up, torn or flipped over. 

Dusty clothes and shoes a reminder of his long absence.

Hoping and praying her husband’s return would be soon.

Is your husband away on a business/work/health/educational/others trip?

How does a wife pray for her travelling husband?

Those days feel so “long”, I learnt to cope.

When I ran into a wife whose hubby hasn’t been home in almost a year, I identified with her struggles. Quietly, I bowed my head in prayers. I understand how difficult it is when there is physical distance in your marriage.

Frankly, life is unpredictable especially family life. For valid reasons whether work related or studies or even political instability etc. family settings are temporarily readjusted.

The absence of one spouse places pressure on marriage and family life. Not only emotionally but spiritual and physical aspects of life bear the effects of this change.


It becomes increasingly important to close ‘the Distance’ felt through prayers as well as constant communication.


Maybe your hubby is away overseas, across state lines or in another part of the city or maybe you only get to see each other on fewer visits, this is for you.


Don’t be discouraged.

Remember, God cares for you and your family. You are not alone and prayers changes things.


Your husband cares for you and misses home just as you do. He is doing it for the love he has his family. That matters. The emotional burden can be overwhelming sometimes. I get that too. But it is a perfect time to trust God and depend on His guidance.


Whatever the reason for the travels and temporary separation in your marriage, remember God’s mercy will satisfy you. 

O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14

8 Prayers When Your Husband Travels

Prayer for Safety: Dear Lord, thank you for keeping my husband safe and secured at work and in the city where he dwells. Keep him far from evil. Guide his feet and order his footsteps in Jesus name.

Prayer for Sustenance: Father, sustain our home. Make provision available for our family. Provide for his needs. Satisfy him daily with your goodness in Jesus name.

Prayer for Sexual Purity: Lord, you know that distance may affect us in other areas including our sexuality. Help us to be true and faithful to each other. Keep our thoughts pure and deliver us from every distraction and temptation that lurks around us in Jesus name.

Prayer for Health: Dear Jesus, grant us sound health. May our bodies, mind and soul be healthy, alive and maximally functional in Jesus Name.

Prayer for Strength: Lord, may our hearts not grow faint or weary. Let our spiritual lives be on fire for you. Lord bring the best out of this situation and let it be all for your glory.

Prayer for the Children: Father, help our children to understand that we love them and help them to cope with this temporary readjustment in the home. Heavenly father our children to cherish and appreciate the hard work of their father in providing for his home.

Prayer for Peace: Lord, may this situation not put asunder our marriage. Father, let us grow and draw closer to each than ever before. Help us to yield wholeheartedly to your calling for our lives. May your peace flood over our home in Jesus name. Amen

Prayer for Persevering Grace: Father, pour upon us the grace to hold on in such times. Give our hearts the grace to fully depend you and you guide our decisions. Dear Lord, order every step we make along the way in Jesus name. Amen

  • These are beautiful tips. Wives of soldiers, seafarers and other professions that call for them to travel once and a while, they are the heroes behind these heroes. Thanks for sharing this, my friend. It’s inspiring.

  • Dear Ifeoma, I remember so many times when my husband & I had to be apart over the years. These are wonderful prayers to keep in mind for when those times come upon any of us. We need to remember that the Lord is the bond holding us together when we away from each other. It’s good to see you back here–I’ve missed you and kept you in my prayers. Blessings to you!

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