When You Get Weary Of Service This Season

When You Get Weary Of Service This Season

David had been reluctant to serve the other Sunday school kids.

I asked him why but he murmured under his voice, “They won’t say thank you”.

In this case, I just smiled at him…

To be sure, he was expecting me to lash out on the smaller kids.

Instead, I simply responded with a smile.

 That puzzled him more. He couldn’t understand why I was smiling.

 Trust me, on other days, my reaction would have been different but this time, I even surprised myself.

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What David didn’t know was that I was in those same shoes!

Now you see why I was smiling!

 I was upset because I received an ill-treatment from people I had helped recently.

Who wouldn’t be?

 Secretly, I had started to withdraw from service and rendering a helping hand.

 The Lord saw through my anger and withdrawals.

Additionally, He saw the foolishness of my decision and needed to open my eyes to see what I was missing.

We always expect people to return our kindness with kind words of appreciation, but this expectation is the cause of our disappointment when people fail us.

But this question changed my heart.

“Why do you do it, anyway?”

As I recollect those thoughts, I smiled even more and asked David the same question…

Find out His response and find out what to do when you grow weary of service this Christmas.

>>Read the Rest Here<< on Melanie’s Blog.

Melanie Redd has complied a great list of inspiring writers and devotionals for the Advent. I am sure you find it a great resource.

N.B: This article is a spin off last year’s Advent series: Are you weary of serving?

  • It is easy to grow weary in serving. Your points are good ones to reflect on regularly. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

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