When Surrender Is Hard
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When Surrender Is Hard

In the first part of the Yielded Life Bible Study we discussed “The Surrendered Life“, in the second part we saw it is “Not My Will” we should run after but God’s Will. The third we saw How God’s Will Helps You Live A Surrendered Life.

A few of us, like me, might ask “what happens when God calls you to something Hard?”

How do we walk in surrender when it is hard?

A few days ago I asked why I had crossed path with this person. I want to serve God right where I am but there are often difficulties; either in form of people, or circumstances or events.

Surrender is probably not the word my heart wants to hear.

Why? Because it can be tough. Can you relate?

Think of God asking you to love all the difficult people, or forgiving that person that has hurt you, or do the hard things, or go to the dreaded places for all the sake of His Will.

A Yielded life is a life of obedience.

Bible Study: Genesis 39, Judges 16, Genesis 3:1-8

While we were in unbelief, we gave ourselves wholeheartedly to sin and all manner of disobedience.

But thank God for the salvation we have received in Christ providing us the unhindered grace that allows us offer ourselves in reverend surrender.

As we are reminded in the scriptures, it is impossible for flesh to please God.

Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. Romans 8:7-8

We can’t please God with our humanistic thinking or with our vain ideas of what surrender should look like. 

We can only please God the way that He has chosen.

Man-made wisdom can never be substituted for the wisdom of God.

We see how the wisdom of man was displayed at the Garden of Eden. Any one of would have fallen real hard!

The fruit looked good in the eyes of Eve. It looked harmless. It looked like a worthy adventure. But therein was the fall of man.

What if Eve had double checked with God?

What if she waited for her man before making that decision?

Today, the enemy brings those ideas to us. Thr enemy tells us “evil can be acceptable”,

“wrong is not entirely a bad thing”,

“it doesn’t matter everyone is doing it”

“a lie can become the truth if we believe it enough“.

I wrote about 3 Statements Every Christian Should Stop Saying

Friends, in our work places, at our family gatherings, among our friends, in our community, and sadly, at our faith meetings we are sold those deceitful sweet words. God Help us!

On the contrast, when we consider the tough choice Joseph made, we see a heart sold out for God. That opportunity to have Portiphar’s wife looked like a perfect getaway ticket out of poverty and slavery but Joseph turned it down.

How many times do we turn down offers of pleasure ?

He took on the life of a prisoner in exchange for temporary pleasure of sin. Samson had a similar temptation. In fact, he ignored all the signs Delilah had given. He made his choice to continue in sexual immorality.

Two different people, two different choices.

Everyday we are faced with choices. Some hard, others tougher. It takes a heart that knows God to put God first before making that decision. 

How are you making your choices today?

Are you following God even in the hard places of life?

As I write this I admit there are areas where I wish I made better decisions. The Word of God places a mirror in front of our heart. It searches deep with in. Not only does the Word reveals our weaknesses, it gives us the strength to overcome.

Joseph said I would not sin against God. He chose not to defile himself out of the fear and respect he had for God. Far from his people, far from his culture, far from his biological father, a young man in a strange land, yet he remembered who is was.

He was no ordinary slave. He was first a servant of God. His allegiance was first to God before any person in His life.

When surrender is hard remember who you are. 

You and I are here as pilgrims and strangers on earth. We come from our Father and we some day we go back to our heavenly home.

Are you struggling in the place of surrender?

A few days ago my daughter contending with her friend over a teddy bear. None was willing to surrender to the other. I think we do that sometimes with God. We are often torn between releasing our hearts to Him and taking it back because we want to do it ourselves.

We can’t do surrender without the help of the Holy Spirit. As the Lord teaches us His ways, He makes our hearts walk in obedience. 

It is time to give it all!

All is scary right? It is like holding the key to some places in our lives and saying God ain’t coming here. Surrender requires all. It is giving your home, your business, your ministry, your kids everything else that makes up your life to God.

It is a brave risk but trust me when I say you are in perfect hands!

I wish you could hear me right now say to you, “it is time to let go and place all in His arms”

Would you ask the Lord to come into your life and help you surrender?

When surrender is hard, remember God never said it would be easy. But He assures us to Trust Him. 

When You Don’t Understand God’s Plan

Let’s walk in the shoes of the Israelites for a bit.

God told our leader we are leaving this land and going to a place flowing with milk and honey. All packed and ready to go. In fact we had real miracles seeing how God dealt with our slave drivers. Excited ready and full of expectations. Then we hit a crossroad. No, it’s a blocked exit! Forward we head into the red sea, turning back we get mauled by the Egyptian army.

What are your thoughts?

Of course, we won’t understand God’s plan at that cross road!

After taking us through the red sea we begin to see clearly. He just made us a wonder to the world. That’s the kind of God we worship. God makes us a spectacle even unto angels!

For I think that God hath set forth us the apostles last, as it were appointed to death: for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men. 1 Corinthians 4:9

God knows there will be tough times. He knows when the medical report, marriage, relationship, business doesn’t go right. He knows your struggles with anxiety, envy or comparison.

He knows it all.

But God knows how to prepare us ahead for tougher battles and steeper mountains.

There will be hard places, tough people, tough decisions.

There will be moments when giving up on your God-giving gift(s) seem to be the best option.

There will be times when the persecution you face hits home.

Know this, when surrender is hard, do it and trust Him enough to take you through. 

God has a plan. Even when we don’t seem to understand where it is headed, God has a plan.

Prayer: Lord, help me to make brave choices and walk the long road with you. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you in Jesus name. Lead the way, Lord and help me to follow you gently and fully surrendered.

  • Thank you so much for this! It is such a good lesson for me. It is really helping me in my own situation.

  • Dear Ifeoma, Oh, I love this statement: ” The Word of God places a mirror in front of our heart. It searches deep with in. Not only does the Word reveals our weaknesses, it gives us the strength to overcome.” Especially as the Lord recently spoke to me concerning the truth of the mirror that He uses–it is HIS Word! Thank you for this beautiful confirmation here today. I know that I need to be reminded of the strength of His Word daily. His mercies are new every morning, bringing just the right help to surrender in those hard places. Love and Hugs to you!

    • Amen.
      Bettie, this study has been so impartful in my life. I’m truly blessed studying along with you.
      Hearty Blessings to you and your family your family.

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