The Intercessor: Standing in the Gap
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The Intercessor: Standing in the Gap

When friendship develops between the prince and the shepherd no one could tell how much love they had between them. Jonathan, the prince would risk his life, his birthright, his father’s love for this lowly shepherd boy. Despite differences in their age, social status, wealth or position in the army, both men form strong bond.

The Intercessor Friend: The Power of Standing in The gap for your friends. Read the Cultivating Faith-filled Friendships Bible Study

David and Jonathan’s friendship feels more like a big brother keeping the little brother safe. He tries to negotiate with his father.

Bible Study: 1 Samuel 18 and 19

He stands up to him even if it will cost him the throne.  Jonathan even enters into a pact which was a common thing in those days. He stood for justice regardless of his father’s threats and fears, Jonathan stood for the truth.

Lesson 1: True Friendship stands for the truth and not injustice no matter who is involved. 1 Samuel 20:9-34

At the cross roads would you choose the truth when it comes between you and those you love?

Everyone could make do with a loyal intercessor friend. Imagine being set up for failure and lured to impending death. It must have been a hard choice for Jonathan to pick a shepherd over his own father. To do that which is right is hard. You will burn bridges sometimes. You will step on toes. But you will have done that which is right before the Lord.

Are you standing in the gap for those in your life? 

Pray for one another. One night my phone rang. An unpleasant conversation. A sticking reminder about how important it is to save some time for your friends.

Do you know you can be intentional about interceding for your friends and well wishers? You notice I did not say family. You will always pray for those. In fact family is usually top on your prayer list. Here’s one more thing to add to your night routine

Watch this 2 minute video…

We may save more lives if we stood more in the gap and covered our friends up in prayers.

Lesson 2: True friendship puts others first. It is selfless and sacrificial. Constantly seeking to reach rather than push away.

In our study today, we see how Jonathan covers for the weakness of his friend. 1 Samuel 20:28-33

Love covereth multitude of sins…read 1 Peter 4:8

Lesson 3: True friendship seeks to protect and save life.

Jonathan not only notice his father’s mischievous moves, he was burdened by his own father’s actions and envy, he confronted him, he pleaded with his father. He desperately tried to make him see good reason to desist from his decision to kill David 1 Samuel 19:4-7.

Over and again he protects his friend. He sought ways to intervene in the matter but his father’s hatred for David became an obsession far stronger than Jonathan could handle.

Lesson 4: True Friendship is rooted in love. Love is the bedrock of lasting friendships. 1 Samuel 20:17

Lesson 5: We know that no man is capable of agape love without Christ. It is the love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost given to us. God’s love is perfected in our hearts.

More Bible Reading: 1 John 4:12 and Romans 5:5-10

Journal Activity:

Study the qualities of love in 1 Corinthians 13 and compare with Jonathan’s character. 1 Samuel 23: 16-18

Something we should always remember, Love is a doing word. 1 John 3:18 and A friend loves at all times Proverbs 17:17

Can you compare Jonathan’s love for David with how much love Jesus has for us?

You want to know how much God loves you? Jesus laid down his life for yours. It is his for ours. 1 John He covers up our weaknesses through His grace.

His Blood screams mercy over judgement.

There is a constant war waged over our souls. The enemy seeks ways to achieve his three fold mission. But the Blood of Jesus still speaks. Thank God for His saving grace.

Journal Activities

List some qualities of Jonathan

Do you protect the friends you have?

Do you see past their faults and differences? Say a Prayer for your friends

  • Thank you Ifeoma for all of your prayers too! These are such beautiful truths that I have found to be so precious. God really does meet me as I am praying for others.

    • Thank you Betty😀
      So glad you enjoy these studies

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