The Counsellor: A Few Wise Women
Bible Study

The Counsellor: A Few Wise Women

“I don’t need friends” said no wise woman ever….. Your circle of friends may be members of your family regardless of intergenerational gaps.

Grandma Ann is my friend and she is so full of wisdom. As a teen, I ran into a few troubles. Whenever such weighty matters arose, I found it safe to talk to Grandma. Like every girl my age, I had a number of frictions with other girls. 

One time I tried being friends with a certain group of girls. One or two were like the gatekeepers. Like an unspoken rule, I needed a pass. I needed their approval to be included. Sounds familiar?

But Grandma!

Thankfully her timely advice saved me from all that teen drama. “If they feel they don’t need you, don’t bother just move on. You will find true friends who would value you for who you are”.

That gave me the courage to quit trying to join in or belong or simply tag along.

Can I interrupt your thoughts here? …..this whole story is not about my teenage drama but about the advice I received and how much impart it made. That brings me to this question:

Who and Where do you seek advice?

We are always going to face issues. Challenges will crop up every now and then. It is our ability to solve them or get fitting answers that helps us overcome.

The Counsellor Friend: Cultivating Faithfilled Friendships Bible Study 

There are different types of Biblical friendships based on their percuarities.
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Married or single, working or stay at home, old or young where we seek advice matters. Many of us rely on our friendship circles to obtain guidance.

Bible Reading: Exodus 18:13-27, 2 Samuel 15:1-34, 16:15-23, 17: 1-23

In today’s study we take a closer look at Moses and his relationship with Jethro, his Father in law.

Their relationship was cordial as we see in Exodus 18: 7 These men had a thriving relationship.

But Jethro’s visit revealed something troubling. It was Moses busyness, constant meetings, ever resolving disputes…long short story Moses style of leadership was a problem to him, the people he led and certainly his own family.

Not until his father in law offered a unique piece of advice, Moses was wearing himself down with ministry activities. All of Jethro’s advice in one word was, “delegate”. That changed everything for Moses. Jethro was sincerely concerned about his son-law. It did not matter the age difference, he spoke as a father and as a friend to Moses.

Notice, Moses response to the words of wisdom he received.

Lesson 1: It is one thing to be given a good advice and yet another to take heed. I should chip this here. You shouldn’t take every advice given you, only godly counsel.

Lesson 2: You and I need discernment and careful consideration to weigh the words we hear and consequences of the actions we take.

Lesson 3: Jethro spoke the truth to Moses unafraid and with a sincere heart. Many people don’t take it well when their flaws are told to them.

Do you accept the truth when it is spoken to you?

Here’s a little something for us to take to heart.

The Truth is healing.

The Truth is freeing.

The Truth is liberating.

The Truth is what our soul needs in a world of lies and deceit.

Ponder a while:

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Does it matter to God where we seek counsel?

In our Bible reading today, we study a troubling time in David’s life. As events unfold, Hushai registers his loyalty. Prior to this time little was known about this friend of David. We see a man bemoaning with David. Hushai looked out for David’s interest. His intention was to save a friend, the throne and rescue a lost son. Their mission was to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel. It will take a man of discretion full of wisdom to achieve this difficult task.

Hushai stood for justice.

We also read about Absalom, a young man who sought to destroy his own father, King David. What better way to carry out his plans than with David’s own trusted and respected adviser, Ahithophel.

The curtains draw open and Ahithophel enters the scene. The renowned counsellor now forms an alliance with his friend’s opposition. His counsel revered like that of oracle. This made Absalom’s side stronger but God had carefully designed their defeat.

Again does it matter to God who you listen to for advice? Yes. Counsel can make or mar everything you love. Continue with the reading and see how Ahithophel’s counsel was defeated.

Lesson 4: There is power in the words spoken to our lives. We should be cautious of those we allow give suggestions and opinions about our business.

Lesson 5: Great Kings rule by wise counsel. I am drawn to the story of Solomon’s son. It has so much to do with those we surround ourselves with. Read about Rehoboam…. Go to 1Kings12:3-15

Lesson 6 Safety comes by counsel. Did you read how Absalom was brought down?

And how Rehoboam threw the Kingdom he inherited away. Scripture says Proverbs 1:5

Lesson 7: Hushai gives us a needed reminder… True Friends prove their loyalty in difficult times. And we will have to do the same for them too!

More lessons for us women

We nurture our godly homes through wise counsel of the Word. The Godly wisdom of those we listen to influence our lifestyle and choices.

Also, study Titus 2:3-5

There are some friends whose wisdom I have grown to respect and hold dearly. I have gained tremendously from sitting and listening to their words.

Journal Activity: FREE JOURNAL PAGE

*It is time to make a list of qualities you look for in a friend?

*Have you ever been saved from an impending danger simply by heeding to an advice?

Journal Questions

*Are you able to identify “Counsellor friends” in your life?

*Examine closely the impact and worth of the words spoken to your life.

*When last did you stand up for a friend in trouble?

*Are you dependable in the time of troubles? Say a prayer as you are led.

By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

  • This is so important for me. Godly counsel makes community, and community is so needed on the Christian community. We must pray for discernment in who we can trust, and that God truly reveals to us where He wants us to go.

      • 5 years ago

      Amen sister.
      I’m glad this study connects with your heart 🤗

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