How To Prepare Your War Room for The New Year

How To Prepare Your War Room for The New Year

Are you ready for the New Year?

As I checked my email notifications, I wondered if I was truly ready for the New Year. Not surprisingly, many blogs and adverts are sending out holiday guides, gifts and trip ideas. Have you received any of such mails?

There is so much attention drawn to spending, gifting, decorations, food, etc. But today I’m taking a new perspective. Firstly, I wrote this a while back, I think you should read it. >>How To Plan For The New Year <<

As the New Year Rolls, it’s perfect time to take stock of personal and professional reflections. Ask yourself the right questions. 

How well have you ran the race for the year?

Were you committed or easily discouraged?

Have we achieved our set out goals?

What worked well for you this closing year?

What you need to do the following year?

Amidst these expectations, clear your table and Set up Plans for the New Year

It takes a little more diligence to plan for the New Year and include your prayer life in the picture. Lest you leave this crucial aspect of plans, take a moment to plan your prayer life.

Situations come up, plans change, prayer requests change too. But Prayer Changes everything.


Things to consider while Planning a Prayer Strategy

Addressing Resurfacing Matters. Hannah kept going to Shiloh. She never gave up presenting her concerns to the Lord (1 Samuel 1). Resurfacing issues require patience and perseverance.

Like the widow in Luke 18:1-8 there is power in perseverance.


Plan Your War Room and Spiritual Warfare With the Word. Your War-room helps you gain mastery of the Word. The Word of God is the Battle Sword we use in confronting the enemy. Place priority in the Word of God. 


Using a Prayer Journal. Do you have a prayer journal? It is useful. Write in your journal testimony, prayer requests including unanswered prayers.


Using your Study Journal. As you continue in your Bible Study or devotions, specific verses may become handy during prayers. Endeavor to write what the Holy Spirit teaches you during your study time.


Using Praise in your War Room. I wrote this a while ago Your Worship is your warship. How have you been preparing for the New Year?

Did you include your War Room too?

  • Dear Ifeoma,
    Thank you for your thoughts here. It’s so easy at this time of year to make all of the plans for busy-ness, but overlook the planning ahead for our prayer life also. We need to keep our heart open to God’s calling and burdens. I am praying for you during this time of year also, sister! Hugs & Love!

    • Yes Dear Betty!
      I am sure you would enjoy the following write-ups on planning for the New year too.
      Thank dear friend.
      God Bless

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