For The Mom Who Feels She Is Missing Out On Life
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For The Mom Who Feels She Is Missing Out On Life

When one mom said, having kids made her feel left out. And staying home made her worse. And why is that? I probed.

Her response came as no surprise.

She was afraid she was missing out on life!

Everyone seems to be travelling, having vacations, get ahead in their careers, and the rest of that. I am here stuck with the kids.

That fear creeps in. The nagging discontent. An illusion that facebook, twitter and instagram creates.

A virtual mirage making everyone look happier, prettier, successful than they truly are *in many cases*.

The joy of being mom quickly fades when we

suddenly think we are missing out on life.

If you are dissatisfied because you want more out of life. That in itself is not a bad thing. If your heart yearns for fulfillment. That’s understandable.

But if desires are borne out of jealous competition. Constant racing after someone’s life. Pure discontent. Reflection of greed and prideful lusts. We need to get rid of them!

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 3:14-17

You are missing out on life when you always look over the fence. If you keep looking over the fence, you will never be able to tend your garden at least not effectively.

You miss out on life when you judge yourself via other people’s lens.  

For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 2 Corinthians 10:12

Now I ask you this,

Are you really missing out on life as a mom?

That mom friend is not alone. I imagine you saying yes too!

But can I tell you the truth, You are not missing out on anyone’s Pin-perfect life.

In fact is they are missing out on yours!

No one has the grand privilege of being mom to your kids.

No one has the special moments you have collected.

They don’t see all the tiny smiles you steal each day simply from staring at your kids. No one has the chance to raise these gifts God has given you.

Your kids are special gifts.

They are precious. They will grow up some day to call you blessed. Proverbs 31:28

Never underestimate the priceless time you spend, kneeling in prayer, teaching and growing them in the Word, washing and cleaning up after them, feeding and laundry, teaching and growing children of character and value etc.

Motherhood is a calling. And with God on your side it is rewarding!

It should never feel as bondage.

Mary the mother of Jesus was young when she took up the responsibility of mothering the babe. She embraced it with her whole heart.

Eunice and Lois were growing a young man who would love Jesus and carry on with the Gospel.

The women did their work, unknown and nameless until Timothy was recognized as a young man full of faith. Then were their names duly mentioned!

May be you feel unprepared as a mom.

May be you feel like the less than qualified mom.

Embrace this call, dear mama. Whatever you do diligently, in secret, sacrificially, with love and with all your heart will come back with bountiful blessings.

I hold you by the hand as we come before Jesus, today. I pray for you dear mom that God encourages your heart and strengthens you for the days ahead in Jesus name. I pray that He opens your eyes to see the rewards of a Godly mom.

Don’t throw your momma cape.

Don’t abandon your mommy apron.

Not because you sacrifice your life for family and for your home doesn’t make your life any less nor does it make it boring.

Life is fulfilling when all your efforts poured out in love over your home is rewarded. That rigorous process of nurturing is priceless. I don’t want to miss all that.

I pray for our kids to grow into people that stand out in their generation.

I pray heaven kisses us as moms with sweet blessings and showers of joy.

I pray that all that midnight oil become drops of rain and abundance of virtue.

I pray our hands carry tangible rewards of the sacrifice and pain of being mom.

I pray for moms who have labored continually in secret, that you be rewarded in the open.

I pray this with my whole heart for us moms in Jesus name. Amen

For other moms who live life somewhat louder or larger, that’s their choice and we should leave it at that.

Having kids never stops you from being who God has called you to be. In fact, it is all part of the process.

Being mom helps you choose wisely.

Being mom means you protect and nurture what is of value. 

By being a mom you become a strict manager of time and resources.

Having kids helps you prioritize and choose what truly matters.


Do you know when we truly miss out on life?

It is that time when we become wrapped up with other people’s lives. 

Comparison is a joy killer in motherhood.

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