An Invitation for a Miracle
Bible Study

An Invitation for a Miracle

Bible Readings: Luke 7:11-15

I love miracles!

Anyone who have tasted of God’s goodness knows that He is full of miraculous acts.

Jesus is full of compassion.

When He passes by this town and heard the cry of the widow who has turned childless and his heart could not hold it.

This poor widow lost the only thing that mattered to her.

Her tears were deep    

Her yearnings were painful

But that day the Lord passed by her town.

The people cried with her but only Christ understood her pain.

She was not expecting a miracle.

She was not expecting the Lord would pass by perhaps she would have invited him over.

She was not expecting him to stop and attend to her case, after all he was not told.

Maybe the widow had resigned herself to a life of depressions and endless mourning.

She wasn’t expecting anything good from attending the burial of her son.

Her son was dead. That’s all she knew!

But God….

The compassion Jesus had made him stop, walk to the casket, and deliver up a living son.

May be that situation is hopeless.

Maybe it has been declared dead,

Maybe you have a throng of comforters like the widow.

I am saying Jesus is passing by. Amen

He is passing by you reading this now.

Yes you!

If He could for this widow who didn’t even invite him over, He would do it for you by His mercies.

His compassion found her.

His healing wings touched the widow’s son.

Grace rested upon that home.

The tears of sorrows became tears of joy.

That can only be when Jesus steps in.

Praise God!

While I was writing this study I was smiling because I want this miracle of grace and compassion.

I want it for you who thinks it is over.

I want it for you who feels miracles don’t happen anymore.

I want it for you experiencing deadness in any form.


Jesus is the

Life giver

Miracle worker

Compassionate friend

Joy of the living

One who turn tears of sorrow to tears of joy


The turnaround of dead situations

The deliverer of good news

He would stop for your sake.

He would work that miracle.

He will deliver to you a living and breathing miracle

I pray for that someone whose case has been written off, that Jesus would step in and resurrect in this name.

I don’t know how overwhelmed that widow would have felt having Jesus deliver her son to her alive. I know rejoicing would be an understatement.

I invite you to accept this invitation.

Short Video

Journal Activity

 1. What situation appears dead or unresovable in your life right now?

2. Write it down and Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3. Three powerful scriptures when you experience deadness. Meditate and write them outProverbs 4:20-22, John 10:10 and John 7:38



Dear Jesus, thank you for this privilege to partake of your wondrous acts. I accept of this invitation to live a life of miracles. I see the wonderful gift of miracles you shower upon my life. Dear Jesus touch me and flood me with a life of unusual miracles in Jesus name. Step into my case and address issues that overwhelm my heart. Let your compassion never cease over my life in Jesus name. Amen

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    • 7 years ago

    Hello, Ifeoma! 🙂
    I prayed through some of this that was not even written to be a prayer, but I prayed it anyway for a couple of friends I have who need this miracle of life from the deadness of their past. In Jesus’ Powerful Name,
    Thank you for continuing to write as God gives you the words.
    Keep up the good work, sister.

  • God is Miracle-Maker, amen! My life is a testimony to this. Every day, every breath. Thanks for this, friend. Such hope and life flow from your post!

    • 7 years ago

    So true, friend! Sometimes we have to slow down and LOOK to see the miracles God is working all around us! Blessings!

  • I am so thankful that we serve the Miracle Worker, and nothing is too hard for Him. May we humbly bow before our maker/creator who knows every fiber of our being and knows how to fix and correct those nuisance things that bother us. thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • 7 years ago

    What a beautiful message both in writing and in spoken word, Ifeoma. And I love your accent, by the way! 😉 But yes, this is such a wonderful message and your heart of compassion for those who feel like giving up or that there are no miracles that will happen in their lives is inspiring to us all. I stand with you, knowing it’s true. Jesus is able to resurrect whatever might seem dead in our lives. Praying this encourages many!

  • I agree there is no hopeless situation. I have seen God move mountains. However, I have found them move one stone at a time, so you have to be watching to see the small miracles that add up to a big miracle. Thank you for sharing.

  • I love how God can step in and do a miracle even when we least expect it. Thanks for this reminder that there is no such thing as a hopeless situation with him.

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