21 Days Prayers For Wives Day 5
Bible Study Devotions

21 Days Prayers For Wives Day 5

She is like the merchants ships; she bringeth her food from far. Proverbs 31:14

Merchants are traders. They are business people. They seek out where their wares are affordable so they can make profit of it. The virtuous woman is a wise woman and she deals profitably.

She secures her food from far. Ponder on the following questions.

Why will she go far for food?

Does it have to do with variety or lower price?

Does it have to do with seeking opportunities like a business person?

Something about this verse echoes this woman isn’t wasteful.

Spiritually, she brings food from far refers to a deep meal of the Word! Not shallow fluff but deep truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ponder a While, what is the quality of spiritual meal you consume? The virtuous woman takes care of the food she consumes.



Father thank you for the secret you have revealed to me today. Lord, help me to be enterprising. The wisdom I need to be a better homemaker, home manager and the grace to excel at it, Lord, grant me in Jesus name. Help me Lord to search the scriptures and dwell in the Truth of the Word in Jesus Amen

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  • Dear Ifeoma,
    I so appreciated these thoughts to remember that the Scriptures and Truths that the Lord brings to me, are to be shared as a meal, feasting together with my husband and family. What a beautiful picture! Blessings to you today!

    • Wonderful Bettie!
      Thank you so much for leaving your reflections on the daily study. It is means a lot.
      Hugs dear sister

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