21 Days Prayer For Wives Day 7
Bible Study Devotions

21 Days Prayer For Wives Day 7

She considers a field and buyeth it, from the fruit of her hand she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

Landed properties are long term Investments. The virtuous woman is a financially intelligent woman. Notice, the reference to the profit she made from the work of her hands. She took it and invested. She put her money to work.

Hold on, she did not accomplish this without a plan. She considered this project thoughtfully before undertaking it. She had a plan for the profit realized from her business. She was no squanderer, no lavish thinker neither did she have lustful desires.

A vineyard is a field of fruitfulness. Money had work in this woman’s hand. Financial independence is achieved when profits, business, investments and plans are well mixed.



Father, help me to gain and apply financial wisdom. The wisdom to profit and invest as a merchant and to profit also. Father, the virtuous woman is a financially intelligent individual. Father, I pray you make me a well-rounded virtuous woman to your glory in Jesus name.


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