5 Benefits of Meditation for your Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 18, 2019

Do you add meditation to your Bible Study? Many study methods don’t include memorization and meditation and that’s one reason I think you would love the TEACH Bible Study Method and Free Journal. allows you to Pause memorize and meditate…..

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How to Choose the Right Bible Study Plan: 3 Tips to Guide You

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 17, 2019

Now you have gotten started with your new devotional or study journal but you feel unsatisfied with the resources you have acquired WATCH this first before you begin your next study plan. In today’s video, I share 3 awesome ideas…..

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3 Tips To Help Jump-start a Consistent Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | June 7, 2019

Have you tried having a consistent Bible Study time? Are you struggling with life ups and downs? I get where you are now because like you I also wear many hats. Having a consistent Bible Study routine can be tough…..

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How To Do In-Depth Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 23, 2019

I enjoy in-depth Bible study. Combing deep and not just perusing the Bible helps you understand principles and lean closer. Just before you continue, I appreciate everyone following this Video based Improve Your Bible Study Course. If you are just…..

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Busy Woman’s Bible Study Method: How To Use the RAP Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 15, 2019

Times have changed we have more women working whether from their homes or offices or on the field. To add to this is, pressures from family demands, parenting responsibilities, marital duties, community and church obligations. The punch line ….Women are busy. …..

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What To Do When You Are Easily Frustrated with Your Bible Study

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 13, 2019

Do you start a Bible Study plan but struggle to complete it? Do have a tough time staying committed to Bible Study? I have been there! A lot of us want to commit to effective Bible Study but excuses hinder…..

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Why You Need To Study Your Bible

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 7, 2019

The Bible for many years has been misinterpreted, misrepresented and misused. Lately, fewer and fewer believers actually open up their bibles to read let alone give time to study the Word for themselves. At best most stick to the popular…..

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How To Improve Your Bible Study (Free Video Course)

IFEOMA SAMUEL | May 1, 2019

Today is a good day for the Word. In fact everyday is perfect to get into God’s Word.
Learn how to improve your Bible Study.

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Raising Teens in Digital Age: A Guide For Christian Homes by Christine Carter

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 18, 2019

Are you raising a Christian teen? If so, I’m betting your child has a phone and probably spends a TON of time on it. Whether your teens use their phones to engage on social media or they spend their time…..

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How To Be A Godly Friend

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 17, 2019

Bible Reading: Luke 10:27-37, Matthew 5:43-48 If showing kindness is reserved for those our circle, then we fail to capture the essence of this scripture Luke 10:27 Everything about friendship rests on this. Friendship is beyond borders of comfort and…..

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When Envy Threatens Your Relationships

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 16, 2019

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. James 3:16 Comparison breeds envy. It is a deadly trap. There will always be those envious of us. There will be those who long to have the…..

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How To Handle Difficult Friendships: Betrayals

IFEOMA SAMUEL | April 14, 2019

Bible Reading: Psalm 35, 2Samuel 15:12-31, 2 Samuel 16:23, Romans 12:17-21 She was pregnant and found out her friend had been saying lots of tales about her. She wept and cried sore. Not at this time. She told all their…..

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