Day 12: Thankful God heals our diseases
Bible Study Devotions

Day 12: Thankful God heals our diseases

Thankful God is our soul-healer

Bible Reading: Psalm 103: 2-3

The Lord forgives our sins. The Lord heals our diseases. I am thankful God never leaves us without His healing stream.

God heals all our diseases. Not a single disease can defy his healing attention.

I’m not going to forget that God heals invincible sicknesses too.

Not long ago I had been held bound by sickness. But God in His faithfulness healed me. I can’t count how many times God has healed loved ones and friends prayed.

God heals our soul diseases.

Where does your soul crave healing?

Are you soul-sick? and in need of His miracle?

Have you got a broken heart? Is your heart in need of His touch?

Call upon Him today. Jesus is still in the business of healing.

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