How To Fight for Your Marriage When life Seems Unfair

How To Fight for Your Marriage When life Seems Unfair

Sometimes we have to fight to keep our marital vows. Not because we want to break them but the truth is life would want to test our commitment to the vow we uttered before crowds of people.

Is your marriage worth fight for?

Can God breathe hope over a seemingly dead marriage?

When one Puerto Rican Pastor, Carlos turned U.S marine ventured into the military to defend his country of residence, not prepared him for the unexpected.

His thoughts of coming home to his loving wife in one piece were met with shattered dreams.

He got more than he bargained for.

He not only returns from the Afghan war wounded, he comes bearing a burden too heavy for any person to bear. But not heavy for God.

Carlos sudden life changes… a triple amputee, battling to stay alive, faced with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phantom pains in the midst a barrage of tense raw and real emotions.

How was his life going to turn out?

He wished for death. He couldn’t bear to look his wife in the face. He felt he had disappointed them. He felt like a burden.

The war was not kind.

Life seemed unfair.

But Carlos would soon realise God’s purpose even in the middle of mess, hardship and doubts.

His wife, Rosmarie had her own struggles too. How was she going to cope with their children, his needs and her job?

Here is a woman who had her love, her faith and every hope she ever knew tested. Being a nurse didn’t mean her struggles caring for her man, marriage and home would be any easier.

Their testimony in this captivating read is a prove that love conquers all.

Can I tell you something, as I shared my thoughts from this book with Obi, we were both encouraged not only in marriage but also in our faith.

Nothing surprises us than an unprepared life uttering situation.

Do you know, God prepares us for these unexpected changes.

I love the testimony of  Carlos and Rosemarie Evans

I know God will use this book to bring hope to marriages.

Are you tired of fighting alone?

Have you been fighting your way?

It is time to try out God’s way. It is high time you handed your fights over to God.  

This battle is won on the knees and with the Word.

Pick up your copy of Standing Together. It is worth your reading time.

Visit their ministry website and see what they are doing helping couples around the U.S

Thanks to Audra Jennings for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    • 3 years ago

    I’m asking for prayer today for healing for my husband and I.Healung in our whole family. Thank you

    • Lord, I pray for peace over Melissa’s home. Let your peace rest upon her home and her life in Jesus name.

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