Hope For the Weeping Heart

Hope For the Weeping Heart

Not because I am worthy.

Not because I have gotten it all right.

His grace have kept me thus far.”

Losing her son was a pain that pushed open unexpected doors.

Although, she misses her baby. She could go on and on about him.

She has seen the healing power of God even when it looked unsurvivable.

Words are not enough to describe how deep the pain of loss cuts deep.

You may not fully understand the mystery behind losing someone you love whether it’s a father, or mother, or sibling, or friend or spouse or child etc.

Sometimes the wounds remain fresh and the pain recurring.


Bible Reading: John 11: 1- 42

This reminds us of Mary and Martha who had lost their brother, Lazarus. They wept. Their hearts were sore. The community poured out their love (John 11:19). When Jesus finally came, he saw the mourning. He too wept alongside the sisters (John 11:35).


When I get here, I pause and think.

If Jesus did feel pain while here on earth, why do we sometimes think he doesn’t understand our situation?


Jesus is moved when we are too.

He sees our pain and he feels it alongside with us.

May be your heart aches and your tears runs like a river.

May be the wounds are fresh and refuse to heal.

Just may be you ask if Jesus is still there.

I am glad to tell you He is there.


Through every circumstance pale or bright, winter or summer, windy or stormy.

God is there with us, His children

Jesus loves you.

Jesus sees you and He knows you.

Jesus still calms the troubled sea including our hearts.

Jesus still speaks to the storm even our lives.


Prayer: Lord take my heart, speak peace to my soul Lord. Let your gentle breeze flood over my soul in Jesus name. Dear Father, pour your healing balm into this hole in my heart. Grant me grace to overcome and help me to walk in the joyful path in Jesus Amen.

  • A beautiful reminder that Jesus does walk with us and He does understand our pain!

  • I think it is the loss of our loved ones that usually trigger the dwindling of faith. It’s something we cannot or may never understand. But indeed with God’s grace, we are able to pull through and heal.

    Beautiful, inspiring, touching.

    Wish you a wonderful month of March, my friend.

  • Beautiful prayer. Thank you.

  • Amen. Jesus is there. Someone once said that if you love someone you hurt when they hurt, and Jesus loves us more than we could ever imagine. When we are hurting He is there hurting right along side us. He mourns with us, because that’s what you do when you love someone.

  • It is always comforting to know that Jesus has experienced life on earth so he understands our pain and sorrow.

  • Whoops! For some reason, my comment did not come out as typed! Anyway, thanks Ifeoma for this beautiful reminder that Jesus is there in our suffering.

  • Thank you so much for writing this. It is a good reminder and a real encouragement. My son is still alive but he is lost (like the the prodigal son). I mourn for him but there is hope. because God is God.
    There are so many kinds of grief.
    Your blog is useful and precious.

    Ps: my last blogpost is in Dutch but the one before is in English 🙂 (special for my English readers)

  • Dear Ifeoma, Thank you for this beautiful reminder today. It is such a comfort to keep remembering that Jesus sees every tear, and is right here in the middle of the longing. Especially beautiful for me this week, as I rejoice over my friend’s homegoing to Jesus, but miss her still. –Blessings and Hugs to you.

  • Thank you for this Ifeoma.

  • Ifeoma, we may not understand the pains and losses we experience in this life. But I am so grateful there is not a pain or a loss that we endure alone. He is always there in the midst. Thank you for that reminder this morning. Blessings!

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