For The Mom Afraid To Wear Her Shoes
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For The Mom Afraid To Wear Her Shoes

My daughter has a knack for boots. She would always to slip her feet into my boots. Giggle with so much excitement. Cheering herself as though she had won a prize. Struggling to lift a tower-sized heel is an enormous job even for an adult, she would raise one foot after another.

Imagine yourself taking on a super-sized shoe or try fitting into three sizes down shoes!

You will look frumpy, with a funny gait and clumsy appearance.

Bible Readings: 2 Corinthians 10:12, Ephesians 2:10

No matter how much I would try a size down, I will hurt my feet. Why?

Obviously, the shoe size is inappropriate. It is not suited for me.

I can’t derive contentment wearing that one-size down footwear. It is meant for another. Neither would not oversize do justice to my feet! Ha!

Our lives are a lot like those shoes. 

Imagine a mom trying to make her child look, act, speak and become someone’s kid. It is never going to work. That kid won’t come out right…his/her thought would be based on what others are doing and their perceptions of him/her… I’m sure no mom wants that.

Are you wearing your shoes?

Or are you trying hard to make another fit?

To the mom wearing another mom’s shoes or desiring them…

Dear mom, just as your shoe size is different, your life is.

Your life doesn’t have to depend on someone else’s shoes.

You have got yours perfectly suited to accommodate  the shape and size of your feet.

Your feet would hurt or suffocate if you keep trying other mom’s shoes.

Be the fun and real mom you are! Keep learning everyday. And growing too.

Never be afraid to wear your shoes. Rock them and love them.

You know what I mean.*smiling*

But godliness with contentment is great gain I Timothy 6:6

Eventually, you’d give up and be frustrated as my daughter who realized she couldn’t take a step with mama’s shoes without dropping off one of the pair.

Her frustrations are comparable to those we experience when we attempt to live to live a life that’s not ours while leaving our God- given lives in a vacuum. 

Don’t try to walk in the shoes of other mom-friends, you might fall. Several attempts to tailor our lives according to others frustrate us.


Think about this: Whose shoes are you wearing today?

I don’t want to wake up on morning and realize I have been working so hard to be someone else. 

God has not called us to be duplicates. He has called you to be no-one else than the person He created you to be. Not a replica!


There are no two Moses, no two Elijah’s, and no two Pauls etc. Every person has a unique assignment for their lives. God has made you unique, special and beautiful you don’t need to walk, talk or act the way someone else does to fulfill your purpose.

In 1 Corinthians 3:3-9, Apostle Paul warns us of these divisions which generate envy and strife. In whatever we do, our service is for God’s glory and He alone will give us increase.


Having said all, it is enough to learn from those we admire but not lose ourselves in the process. Each man or woman should make their own mark and be a blessing those God sends their way.



Lord help me to live according to your plans for me. Dear Jesus, I fix my eyes on the path that you have chosen for me (Proverbs 4:25-26) hold my hands and lead me all the way in Jesus name. Amen

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