For The One Who Wants To Be Brave

For The One Who Wants To Be Brave

Need To Be Brave!

I’m sure you’ve heard that line a thousand times
Those are words that ring the strings of our heart
when every bit of courage got lost in the drain. Like wilted vegetables begging
for water, glaring through the window served a good purpose.
Those are times when the word ‘brave’ becomes complex.
 “Lord, hold
my hand” the words aren’t not flowing, I begged.
I was literally staggering to grasp hold of just
one verse!
A simple one,
A short one,
Come ‘n who am I kidding, just
‘To GO’ or ‘Not to GO’

The mental exhaustion of
an ongoing debate that ensues when God says GO!
By the time you’ve read
through Exodus you will get the picture of what I mean.
See…the Israelites were
at the middle, the red sea on one side and the ferocious-looking Egyptian Army on the other side. I sometimes imagine how
their faces would have been. Their mouths hung down with despair that moment God says
Go Forward.
And my next response is …..‘To
Here is the thing,
sometimes you need to just pack up and be wanting to GO.
Brave looks a lot like, Be Ready, Be Willing, Just Go!

You need to be willing
and ready to GO even if you don’t know ‘To what’.
Remember when God said to Abraham
leave everything and come with me to the land I will show you.
Were it not for faith,
may be a very ‘thoughtful’ response would be ‘to where?’
God call us to do the hard things sometimes?
But like you, I’m learning
not to ask those sort of questions To where, To whom, To What, etc. Because they spell doubt!
Just the way we want to simply
believe, pack my bags and simply GO, we find that it’s not that
Sometimes I’m too afraid
to put my feet out. I try to smart things out
Maybe this would go side-ways
Maybe this new door would
slam in my face
The ‘Maybe, I should….naaahhh’…..moments
When God calls you, don’t give in to fear rather
than give in to His Word
Many times we find ourselves in this sort of funny situation.
We are excited for a moment, we pack our things to go along with God’s call, only to get there and become too
numb to take the next step.
Why then is Brave hard?
For most of us is the memory
of past rejections and failures that flood in like boisterous winds.
For others, it is the
magnitude of our next assignment that overwhelms us
And for many of us it is the unqualified
that hangs down our necks!
Whichever category you
find yourself, there is grace available for you.
Like Peter, we are glad to
step out of the boat
We are brave enough to step into
the water.
That shows we’ve got
everything in side of us to take the very first step, the next step and the
If only we keep our brave hearts focused on Jesus.

If only we realise showing up is Brave too.

If only we remember our brave comes from Christ and we can do just about everything He calls us to do.
I’d love to take that step, then the next too and then the next…
But don’t mind the wind, like Peter did.
The wind could be our
past rejections and failures,

Or distractions that
hinder us

Or the fear that says we
will never make it

Or all the lies the enemy
pushes into our heads that are contrary to what God says about you.

No matter what wind wants
to challenge your brave heart or hinder your faith, Jesus is the Master of the
wind…He knows how to calm it and put it in it’s place.
So, what’s the deal now?

Would you step out of the
Do you see the Lord bids
you to come to Him?

Do you know you are brave
enough to follow Him?
>>4 Scriptures For When You Struggle To Be Brave<<
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he
will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. 
Deuteronomy 31:6
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good
courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. 
Joshua 1:9
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I
say, on the Lord. 
Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that
hope in the Lord. 
Psalm 31:24

Comment Prompt
–> Have you ever struggled to be brave?

–> Have you ever struggled to say ‘Yes’ when God says GO?

By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel.
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  • Oh I've DEFINITELY struggled to be brave. I don't consider myself brave although others have said I am. I just do things afraid. 🙂 Love your scriptures here today. #livefree

  • We are weak and falter when we try to step out on our own, but we can be of 'good courage' b/c, like Joshua learned, 'the Lord is with us wherever we go.'

  • Wonderful reflection. I love the recounting of when Abraham just went because God said to. Thanks for sharing with the Cozy Reading Spot

  • Yes, being brave is scary and never easy … until we grab hold of the hand of Jesus and go with Him. Then His strength is infused in us and He becomes our courage! Love this, Ifeoma! Thank you so much for sharing this hope at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • 8 years ago

    I like how you compare the distractions we face to the wind that distracted Peter from fully trusting the Lord.
    He is still Lord of all! He can still be trusted to save us from the wind and the waves! 🙂

  • So important, thanks for sharing! I think our bravery comes from our understanding of God. The more we remind ourselves of His promises to be with us, of His power, of His love for us and for other people, the easier it becomes to be brave. Definitely something I struggle with constantly, though! I desperately want to be brave, but often find myself taking the cowards way out when it comes to things like witnessing.

  • Brave looks a lot like, Be Ready, Be Willing, Just Go! Thats it in six words. Be ready to be brave, be willing to be brave and then be ready to step out and go. It's a process that is played over and over in God's people, not just back in Moses day but today, God is still using the process. Great post.

  • Fear has torment and the opposite of fear is "Courage." I love your post about being brave and stepping out. When the time is right, God will give you words (and verses). My problem is if spare of the moment, I know the verse but not where it is found. The point is made anyway. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. Love, Aunt Hazel

  • Thank you for the great, practical solutions and God's Word as the basis for being brave. His Word is my refuge when I face battles (even though sometimes it's hard to tell).

  • Featuring your wonderful post tomorrow at 100 Happy Days! You can visit it here:

  • I love how God reminds us not to fear. He knows as human we are bound to feel fear at some point but He's always there to encourage us. What an awesome God.

    Great post as always, Ifeoma.

  • So true- fear lies and the way to conquer it is with the truth. I love the Bible verses you share here- great truth to hold on to.

  • Love this, Ifeoma. Especially this: "If only we keep our brave hearts focused on Jesus.

    If only we realise showing up is Brave too.

    If only we remember our brave comes from Christ and we can do just about everything He calls us to do."

    He's all we need and His encouragement through you is so precious in the stepping out. Thank you for these words.

  • Yes! So hard to be ready when you don't know for what! Currently in a place of joyful anticipation as the Lord makes this call clearly and we wait on His direction for the next step. My struggle to be brave is believing He'll tell me when I need to know (I really, really, like to know stuff. Knowing stuff makes me feel secure. But God is my security!!) Thanks for the thoughtful prompt and exciting exhortation, Ifeoma!

  • Thank you, Ifeoma, for reminding me of these great verses–they are some of my favorites! And I want to keep them in my focus for these days so that like you I can say, "When God calls you, don’t give in to fear rather than give in to His Word"

  • Yes! Those are great verses to pray and to be reminded that He has given us boldness to be instant in season and out. It's all Him and for His glory!

  • Psalm 27:13 really spoke to me today! It is courage to stay still until He reveals our next step too. And during that time He strengthens your heart, which He is doing for me presently. I'm so grateful! He provides our strength to be brave. We just have to remember and believe. Thanks Ifeoma!

  • "Brave looks a lot like, Be Ready, Be Willing, Just Go!" So true. If only we would always keep our eyes on God, we would not fear. But I'm so glad that when we fail, His grace is sufficient and He brings us back to the right path. Blessings to you, Ifeoma!

  • I love "don't cave into fear … instead, cave into God's word" – thanks for the action item and mental to-do on how to implement "Brave"!!

  • Beautiful truth, my friend. Sometimes just showing up is the thing that God wants to use. So grateful that He promises to go with us!

  • YAY! Let's be brave and courageous through the strength that comes from Him …

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