How to Let-Go of The Comparison Girl!
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How to Let-Go of The Comparison Girl!

Comparison, competition, learn from this Bible Study resource

COVID19 lockdown was a blessing in disguise. It was a time to reflect upon our actions and lifestyle. As days rolled by, I had a Lockdown reading list which I faithfully committed to.

Upon readers request, I shared my Lockdown Morning Basket. Did you ask, What Is A Morning Basket? I also made THIS VIDEO on YouTube. Please subscribe to catch all the helpful Bible Study ideas to help you.

Among my Morning Basket Reading List was Shannon’s Comparison Girl. By the way, I made an initial review on Facebook and on GoodReads was happy about the responses. If you are on Facebook, let’s connect.

We become so fixated on the wrong done to us that we fail to see the wrong we’ve committed against others – Shannon Popkin Comparison Girl page 66

Comparison is a thief of Contentment!

But why do many women suffer from comparing and competing?

Why do most starve and exchange joyfulness for a life constantly chases other another woman’s life?

If you have ever looked at another sister and thought you wish you were “her”. If you have wanted their hair, shoes, wardrobe, kids, husband, and their bodies.

If you think yours is not enough.

If you run after the next makeup brand, the latest clothing style.

If you desperately want to belong and fit in.

If you want things done in your way and nothing else.

If also want to be in control everything and everyone else.

If you have ever asked God why not this?

Even if you don’t fit into anything above, you will find nuggets of wisdom buried Comparison Girl.

Seven Bible women, seven different challenges. Shannon dives into each story with relatable instances and connects them to our modern life. Her intent is clear, to help her readers understand the danger of comparison, control, and manipulation.

You can let go of the Comparison Girl and embrace a life of true joy. using scriptures, Shannon discusses how we can exchange this mindset for Godly virtues.

What made Comparison Girl book my top read this season?

Embedded in each chapter are conversation style personal heartwarming stories. Shannon makes readers comfortable as she opens her door for us to take a seat in her home.

There are meditation verses at the end of each chapter. Nothing replaces the power of the Word in a journey of transformation.

I love the lessons with Bible readings and discussions on each chapter lesson. It appeals to my learning style. Cutting off fluff and drawing the reader’s attention to key details in each woman’s story that you may miss easily.

Journaling prompts are a way to go with Bible Studies. She asks questions based on the study and encourages you to find healing steps with the Word. These questions serve as a springboard for personal reflection, and I appreciate that.

On a final note, you should have your Bible and journal handy with this Book. Grab a copy today. or add this to your wishlist.

By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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