Bible Study on 1 Samuel Part 4
Bible Study

Bible Study on 1 Samuel Part 4

Hey ladies, welcome to the fourth instalment of the Good Morning Girls Online Bible Study. This Week we studied through 1Samuel 16-20.

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Reflections from 1 Samuel 19

Saul’s Jealousy turned from manipulative to murderous intent. Imagine a whole pack of servants mandated to terminate David’s life.

But God…..

God will always vindicate the innocent

David’s good deeds had won the heart of his enemy’s son.

Talk about the rewards of being faithful and diligent. 

Jonathan revealed all about the plan to David.

He tried to talk his father down but that was temporary.

David escaped The Javelin-wielding, jealous King. 

Even Micah, King Saul’s daughter rescued David…the same lady planted in his home so that she wreaks havoc read Chapter 18!


When God wages war against your enemies, He may decide make them prophesy…

God is full of mystery and laughter.


Reflections from 1 Samuel 20

When God is on your side your enemies will be used in your favour.

God used Saul’s son as an instrument to deliver David.

Jonathan loved David so much so that he entered into a covenant with him.
Jonathan felt ashamed of his father’s persistent decision to kill an innocent blood. Jealousy, envy and rage are enemies of peace and can separate best friends and siblings. The King makes an attempt on his son’s life in the heat of fierce jealous rage.


But Jonathan was a good man who would not let an innocent blood be shed despite his throne being under threat. 

He was nothing like his father. 
What Jonathan had was love…pure and true.

You know what ladies?

Love doesn’t hold jealousy.

Love is sincerely happy for others.

Love longs to help others fulfil their dreams.

Love would protects the innocent.


What a heart!

To withstand even your own father to stand for the truth.

Sometimes, standing for the truth might cost you going up against the people you love.

Standing for the truth means doing what is right

but it might cost you your life.

To confront evil with the truth is hard but it is a righteous thing to do.

Remember to get the full download HERE . If you enjoy these Bible Studies, please invite a sister to join in.

God Bless

    • 7 years ago

    What a way of showing love even coming face to face with death. God is love & that’s what Jonathan exhibited. Thanks for bringing this in depth teaching our way. More grace!

  • That is a great model of love in Jonathan. There are a lot of lessons in David and Saul’s story. Great post.

  • Happy New Year sis! I trust that all is well with you and your home. I have only recently returned to the Blogosphere and am blessed by this study here.
    Our God is indeed our vindicator as long as we do the right thing without taking vengeance into our own hands or built up our own defence. Thanks for sharing this and do have a super blessed week ahead!

    • Hey, friend it has been forever!
      Good to see you back.
      Can’t wait to see the awesomeness you have for us this year.
      Many Blessings to you, Ugochi.

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