Anger: When Life Doesn’t Go as Expected
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Anger: When Life Doesn’t Go as Expected

Day one: When we have control over what happens

Key Scripture: And when Rachel saw that she bore no children, Rachel envied her sister: and said to Jacob, Give me children, or else I die Genesis 30:1 KJV

Devotional Insight:  Have you considered the real reason for your anger? In today’s study, we remind ourselves about Rachel.

Anger over something you can’t control

Rachel, the girl who caught the eye of the hard-working young man. She had always had things going. She knew it will always swing in her favour catching the man of her dreams and stealing his love. She watches him wipe his brows and sweat to get her despite her father’s deceit in Genesis 29:20-35

For girls who love control, anger is not far from the corner.

Fertility issues are hard bites for any woman, not to mention advanced complications and years of delays.

Imagine after medicals, bills, and examinations of all sorts, anger boils inside of you. Like a crouched tiger waiting in lay for its prey, you pounce on everyone and everything whether they relate to your struggles or not.

If you don’t know half of the story you may think Rachael is asking too much. For a girl who has always been at the centre of attraction and attention, this was a heavy cross to bear.

Rachel found herself stuck in this place. While her cross-eyed sister had how many kids now? The result, Rachel envied Leah.

She called out to Jacob in anger “give me children or else I die”. She placed on him a burden too hard to bear. Instead of seeking God who was responsible for her set back.

Journal Prompt

Was God trying to teach Rachael something? What was the purpose of Rachel delay?

Is there a word for us about managing our expectations?

What about seeking help from man and not from our maker?

We don’t know what stewed in Rachel’s heart but God hears our hearts. God saw Leah was unloved (Genesis 29:31) and knew the big rivalry between the sisters. God also knows Rachel’s advantage as Jacob’s heartthrob. Cause us to wonder if Rachel felt entitled in some way.

There’s purpose in delays and setbacks.

Journal Prompt

What heavy cross do you bear?

What makes life seem unfair? Are you feeling entitled in some way?

Are you feeling stuck, unproductive, and taking it out on everyone else?

Words of Affirmation.

The Lord is my sufficiency. You provide my every need and satisfy my deepest desires. 2 Corinthians 3:5

Action Plan.

a) Consider unexpected changes in a different perspective. Embrace the path God has chosen for you. Are there lessons you have learned on this path? Is God nudging your heart to places you haven’t yet considered?

b) Choose to focus on the learning curve.

c) Even showgirls have their curtains-down moments. Get that, life doesn’t go in your way all the time. It is a normal part of the natural life.

Turning to God and waiting for His timing in hard situations. Seasons change. You will not be here forever. God’s grace makes things turn around for good. Recall Job’s trials and his testimony.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for teaching my heart wisdom today. I lean on you to meet my need and not on man. I pray for wisdom to manage my life expectations. I pray that you usher me to the place you have designed for me. Take away every frustration I feel right now. Help me to focus on you and not on man in Jesus name.

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