Anger: When We Want To Have Our Way
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Anger: When We Want To Have Our Way

When we want to have our way instead of surrendering to God's Will

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Key Scripture Numbers 22: 22-35

Devotional  Insight: In today’s study, we discuss “anger that results from rejecting the truth”, disobedience and unjustified anger using Balaam as a case study.

Anger over Godly Correction

Look around. No one is patient these days to listen to the Truth.

We quickly make up our minds and form opinions readily about people, circumstances and take sides.

We just can’t stand the Truth because it hurts our feelings.
It upsets our pop culture and choices.
It strikes our hearts with the hot iron rod.

We are angry when someone tells us that Truth we hate to hear. We label them. We isolate them away from our circles. Instead of choosing repentance!

We are in a hurry to run with the popular herd. We want to be heard. To be liked. To be followed.

Even when we clearly know God’s standard for living in this fallen world, we meddle with the world and find pleasure in the comfort of sin.

Balaam was in a hurry to satisfy his lust. God gave him a chance to repent. When the donkey spoke out, Balaam still had a choice to return to the Lord’s first instruction, “don’t go with these men”. Balaam couldnt resist the “King’s meat” like Daniel in Daniel 1:8-16. Balaam attracted God’s wrath upon his life.

Journal Prompt

Are you getting angry over obviously unnecessary things?

Do you love the Lord more than these things? John 21:15-22

Do your love that which the Lord loves?

Are you seeking to please God or man?

We are not so different from Balaam when we want to lead our lives in the way we choose. When we seek our selfish gains we cannot please God at the same time.

Disobedience never goes well. Worse still turning deaf ears to corrections and warnings.

The end of all disobedience is death. Romans 6:23

Isn’t God a loving father, giving us countless opportunities to receive His invitations? In His love, He corrects us. In His love He draws us close and showers His mercies over our souls.

We are not above God’s correction

Digging Deeper: Hebrews 12:3-11, Proverbs 3:12

Recommended Book: The Invitations: 21 Hearty Devotions for Your Soul

Journal Prompt

Are you walking in Partial Disobedience, like Saul?

Are you negotiating for less than God’s best for you, like Lot?

Or do you take lightly God’s clear instructions, like the young prophet from Judah? 1 Kings 13

Are you toiling with sin and attracting the wrath of God?

I think it’s time we watch our reactions over divine warnings. No, we the truth is not easy to take. But if we must grow, we must experience some pruning from the sword of truth.

Too many times we take for levity divine instructions and are offended when someone speaks the truth to our heart.

We live in a generation that hates the Truth.

We live in a world that has pleasure in their ways and live as they choose just as in the days of the Book of Judges. We are living in such a time where man strives with God. Sadly, most of us shake our fists at Godly principles and challenge God’s Word.

And what say you of our prophets, watchmen and, ministers most willingly to trade the Truth for the filth of lucre, fame, and possessions. Or of many children and young people choosing the path of disobedience when corrected? What examples do we lay when we depart from the way of the Lord?

Bottom line- Is your anger as a result of rejecting the truth?

Words of Affirmation

My heart accepts the truth of God’s Word.

I walk in the path of holiness.

The Word transforms my life every day.

Action Plan

Consider the places of disobedience. As the Lord exposes source of anger.

Choose repentance. Repentance is accepting God’s Truth for our souls redemption.


Dear Lord, thank you for teaching my heart wisdom today. I surrender to the Truth of Your Word. Forgive my stubbornness. Guide me path of righteousness. Let my heart stay unmoved and anchored to the Word. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for wrapping me in your mercy.

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21 Day Bible Study: How To Overcome Anger and Live A Joy-filled Life
  • Amen. I have been praying for God to keep uncovering His truth in my heart, and to open my eyes where I have wanted to look the other way, and not to Him. Thank you for these good words of confirmation today, dear Ifeoma.

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