An Invitation to Drink
Bible Study

An Invitation to Drink

Bible Readings: Isaiah 55:1-3, Ephesians 2:4-8, John 4:24

We navigated through the busy streets, avoiding the throng of people, sellers displaying their wares and buyers in an awful hurry to keep moving. It was a very hot day and the weather had been fair on our bodies.  

We had to take along with us bottles of chilled water.

We made quick stops at intervals to buy more and disposing exhausted bottles.

Welcome to hot Africa!

Shopping in the open market in the hot hustling and bustling streets of Lagos reminds me a lot of life’s changing seasons.

Change in seasons is sometimes not agreeable.

At times it is harsh, dry and draining.

Other times it is cool, with light showers, cool breeze…the kind that you would love to have forever.

But we must go through changing life seasons.

These changes require that you make stops every now and then to refresh and rejuvenate. Whether you are the newly wed or the new mom, or the mom of sevral  


We thrive better when our soul is watered and refreshed with the water of life. When you pitch your tent away from water, you live burned out and exhausted. Your life becomes dehydrated and devoid of strength.     

The busyness, chaos, uncertainties we wake up to each day wearies our souls. We are easily drawn into panicky moments where the anxiety of what ahead obstructs our regular life rhythm. Fear of what will become owing from the burden of the past and bleakness of the moment complicates our already tired souls.


The panic of what we can’t see is a torment.

We need a break away from these noisy effects that weighs us down.

Our souls need rest-stops.

Our heart will need water-breaks every now and then.


You don’t want the heat of life burning you up. I reassure you “You are not here all by yourself” and you are certainly not alone. 

I am exhausted as you are. But greater than our weariness is the Water of Life for our weariness. There is a refreshing for your soul and a shelter from the burning heat of life.

Only A Watered Soul can Thrive

There is water for your thirsty soul.

There is refreshing for your dryness.

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.             Revelation 22:17

The Lord has invited us to drink of the water of life freely.

Are you thirsty?

Are you tired?

Are you sun-scorched or life-bruised or heart-broken?

Freely means without a dime.

Freely means as much as your soul can soak up.

Freely means you have it whenever you need it.

Freely but priceless and can’t be bought with whatever cost or currency in the world.

Sometimes I wonder why we think we can run long enough without water?

Just as it is impossible to survive without water, it is impossible for us as Christians to survive without refreshing water from the Fountain of Life.

We don’t have to get to our tipping point before we refresh our souls. Every day furnishes us with an opportunity to wash ourselves in the Water of His Word. We have to stop and reach out for the water that refreshes our souls.

Do you feel weary, like I do? It is time to take a plunge into the Fountain of life.


Every day through out this study I will make you a proposition or call it a deal.

Here is my proposition for you:

  • I invite you to accept this call for a refreshing. 


  • I invite to accept Jesus request to drink from the water of life that He freely offers.

Like the woman at the well, it is time to drink and be filled. John 4: 22


Journal Activity:

How do you receive the Invitation to drink?

*Study the conversation of Jesus and the woman at the well. John 4:6-24          

* Write 3 things that speak to your heart right at this moment.


Jesus wants you to know the gift of God. He wants you to know Him…that’s intimacy, that’s relationship!

Jesus wants you to ask of Him.

Jesus wants you to be real, to be vulnerable in His presence.

Jesus wants you to seek Him in Spirit and in Truth.

So do you want the living water?

Seek Jesus!


Jesus says Drink, Be filled and Thirst no more!

The water He offers will satisy your soul.

That’s what you deserve!

His Water, He sweetly pours into our souls and refreshes our weary hearts. Grasp and hold fast to the peace that the Lord is giving.

A Short Video

Today’s Prayer

Lord, I am tired and I am weary.  I need you, Father. My soul is thirsty for you. I am deeply longing for the satisfaction from the water of life. Quench my thirst, Lord and refresh my soul.

Lord the road looks rough and uncertain. Strengthen me for the journey ahead. The world is in despair but in you, Jesus, there is hope eternal. The world is a dark and lonely place but in you is the Light. Flood me with your water of refreshing and let my soul bask in the beauty of your glory in Jesus name. Amen.


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  • This was like a drink of grace, Ifeoma…”We thrive better when our soul is watered and refreshed with the water of life.” Yes! I want to thrive, not wither in the changing and the dry dusty journeying that life propels us into. Thrive, not just exist. There are so many days I feel like I just exist and sometimes subsist on the chaos of constant strife.
    Thank you for this reminder to drink freely and often from the living water.
    I needed this today!

  • Beautiful!! Love your heart for showing people the way to life! Sharing you pin on many boards:)

  • This is so good too!! You have such a gift for preaching truth, encouragement and hope.

  • Pitching our tents next to the water is such a powerful image for me! How true is it that we often stake our claim to ground that is far from the living water of God? Great challenge to us! Thank you for sharing!

  • We only have to be REALLY thirsty under a hot sun to realize the deep need of our hearts for LIVING water!

    • 7 years ago

    Great thoughts on the water of his words. Help all who read it be filled and thirsty no more! Love the idea of this invitation study! Nice to meet you here- first timer:)

    Sue @ mama of three boys

  • Every day furnishes us with an opportunity to wash ourselves in the Water of His Word. Yes! Amen! Excellent post! Thank you for this!

    God bless,

    • 7 years ago

    Amen! Amen!
    I want to my tent to be pitched in God’s Word!
    The more I fill my mind with His promises, the
    more refreshing daily life is …regardless of circumstance.
    Happy Friday, from the Dance with Jesus Linkup!

    • 7 years ago

    Ifeoma, I love your enthusiasm and your heart for God and your desire for everyone to know the peace of God. Thank you for sharing this invitation and your heartfelt video. You are right , you know. We are all thirsty for this living water. Sometimes we just don’t realize that is what we need. I don’t know why I have been fighting having times of quiet with my Lord and His word. Finally this morning I ignored the excuses and spent time in prayer. What a blessing it was, and I feel more equipped to follow His leading. Blessings to you, dear sister, for your faithfulness and love!

    • 7 years ago

    Beautiful invitation you write about and offer us, Ifeoma! Yes, God’s word and time spent with Him is so refreshing and that’s exactly what I try to do each day–fill up on His word. Thank you for reminding us of the refreshment we can receive in Him.

  • “greater than our weariness is the Water of Life for our weariness.” This thought encourages me so much today! Thank you for your words and for sharing The Word with us. I am so glad you linked up at Encouraging Word Wednesday this week!

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