20+ Free Women Bible Studies for 2017
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20+ Free Women Bible Studies for 2017

Looking to improve your Bible Study? Or searching for a community of women studying together? I curated this list from women studies and communities from all over. Check this list outI know a lot of ladies want to join Bible study groups especially at the New Year. In this article you will find free Bible Studies for the New Year and their links.

I did a pretty good job digging and I hope you find what suits you.

PS: If you’ve discovered a Bible Study group worth sharing please drop it in the comments.

Why you need a Bible Study Group?

  1. Studying along with others encourages you to be accountable. It is not easy keeping to a study plan. I know life happens and we drop out on our resolution to complete weekly, monthly, or even yearly. You find friends who would share their faith journey and experiences alongside with their bible study. Remember, iron sharpens iron…but choose a good one ;).
  1. It encourages your faith. Faith grows when we dig into the deeper into the Word. In the

The Bible contains buried treasures that you unearth through Digging.

How much of those do you have?

  1. The more you know the more you want to know. You can ask questions and gain more insight.

It is ok to study right in the comfort of your home. If you feel led to join a group, prayerfully do so.

***You can Follow my Women Bible Study Board on Pinterest or bookmark this page as I continually add to this collection.

A Word of Advice; As a Believer you are responsible for your Spiritual life. It is important you carefully study the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the Word. As you go along with these Bible Studies, endeavour to be a ‘Berean Christian’.

  1. 100 Days with Christ by Lisa Apello. Lisa is soulful and deep writer. This widow and mama to 7 kiddos knows what it means to go through tough times. You want deep inspirations loaded with scriptures especially on those hard days, this will help.
  1. Women of the Bible by Finding Joy in Everyday. This is a series study on some women in the Bible. The first instalment is begun already. Be sure to join in HERE if you are interested.
  1. Courtney at Women Living Well runs the Good Morning Girls and I am privileged to be an International leader. Currently, we are studying the Book of 1 Samuel. You can join the gals on facebook HERE.
  1. 90 Day Chronological Bible Reading by Kristy @ Narrow-minded Woman. This study comes with a free Bible Reading Plan too. Kristy is thick into theology, discernment, apologetics and church history. You will find a lot of that here.
  1. Living With Purpose by Micah Maddox. Micah is a gentle and spirited blogger who shares her faith journey and encourages other women too.
  1. Leigh Ann @ Intentional by Grace offers a free reading Bible Plan available via subscription.
  1. Flower Mound Women Bible Study provides audio and free Bible reading. For their current and past reaing curriculum please visit >Here<
  1. Free Women Bible Studies By Barb Raveling . Barb has everything from weight loss study to blogging and ministry study, to New Year Study, Renewing the mind study etc. I think you will find interesting studies here. As I said it depends on what you want ok?
  1. Looking for Entrepreneur Bible Study for women? You have something for you by Sunu Philip @ Clothed with Scarlet. This is available on subscription.
  1. Bible Studies by Time Warp Wife. Darlene has a lot. You will find links and free print outs too. But if you want PDF copies of Esther and Ruth visit HERE.
  1. Alexis Waid @ Spiritually hungry has a 31 Day New year Resolution Challenge loaded with daily scriptures, weekly discipline etc.
  1. 31 Days of Proverbs journal and reading plan is available on subscription by my friend Dawn Klinge.
  1. 31 Days of Rekindling Joy Series by Mandy @ Women of Worship. There is a post on joy for everyday through out this month of January. How nice!
  1. Sarah @ Faith Along The Way is hosting 31 Days Prayer for the New Year. I thought you may like to combine this with your Bible study. Find everything information you need HERE
  1. Nora’s 2015 One Year Bible Reading Plan is still available for download and very relevant.
  1. For a few years I have been following Donna @ Soul Survival. If you are looking for a great, consistent and undiluted resource for daily devotionals and Yearly reading Bible Plan click HERE
  1. Abide with Jesus Series by Tammy@Grace in in the everyday. This is includes a fasting program for the New Year.
  1. Lisa@Conforming to the Truth has a host of Bible Studies for Women. I have been following her studies for a little over a year. If you are a Word’s girl like me J You will love it here too.
  1. Simple Scripture Study Plan with Kayse Pratt. All materials are available on subscription.
  1. Pure Joy Bible Study by Rachael Wojo. Long-time Bible Study blogger, Rachael has lots of Bible Studies. You can choose from any HERE 

Other Awesome Bible Studies

**Rosilind has got something for you moms and Kids. Study and Prayers through the Book of Ephesians.

**Thanks Heather for sending this links in. The Hart family have a collection of Women Bible Studies ranging from the beautitudes, fruit of the spirit, armor of God etc. You will definately see something you want. Check them out HERE 

**Thank you Annette. Annette from a A Net In time has a cocktail of powerful devotionals. I checked them out.

**She Reads Truth is a beautiful site for women. Since there is a free plan when you read online, I know their Bible study is worth checking them too, ladies


Remember to stop by at GMG Nigeria on facebook.

Did I leave out any? Please let me if you are organising or participating in any Bible Study this New year.

  • Oh wow, Ifeoma, I am so honored. Thank you so much for adding my site and the kind words you said!

  • Hi there! Lots of awesome sounding ones. I’m going to bookmark this to check them out. Really appreciate you gathering together these resources!

    Do you take suggestions for the list?

    I have a free 21 day Proverbs 31 Woman devotional I offer on my blog. It’s here: https://ministrymindedmom.com/l/21-days-to-becoming-a-proverbs-31-woman-devotional/

    I’d love for you to check it out and include it on your list if you think it would fit good. 🙂

    Thanks for considering and thank you again for the awesome list of free resources!

  • I have 20 free Bible Studies for women on my website to download and print.
    Feel free to link to them on your blogs and websites.
    Thank you.

  • This looks like a great list, Ifeoma! And thanks so much for including my studies on the list!

  • Great resource list! Thanks for sharing at the Blog and Tell.

  • Love this list, Ifeoma! I have to bookmark it so I can come back time and again. I love the way you are affirming others by sharing their words. You are a blessing!

  • Ifeoma, you have outdone yourself! What an amazing resource…I’m pinning and sharing to a bunch of places! Love having you back here each week my friend:) Blessings and Hugs, Crystal~

  • you asked where you can find my devotionals/bible study materials : http://www.anetintime.ca/search/label/Bible%20Study Or just go to Anetintime.ca and look under faith in the top bar tabs That has more than just my bible studies but is all faith based but the label bible study is the most direct route to JUST my bible studies.

  • Ifeoma, thank you so much for mentioning my site as one of your Bible studies/devotionals. I’m starting a new series on marriage that I believe will be helpful to anyone interested. Blessings!

  • Awesome collection of studies! Thanks, Ifeoma for sharing with us at #MomentsofHope !

  • What an awesome roundup of Bible studies!

    • 7 years ago

    Great list! I love Micah and Donna’s blogs, too. They always encourage my heart! Thank you for doing the digging for us!
    Happy Saturday, from the Saturday Sharefest Linkup!

  • great resource.

    Not sure if this counts or not.. but I’m going through the book of Ezekiel on my blog: http://www.anetintime.ca/ Posting two or three times per week.

  • What a great resource for women! I’m sure it was lots of work but will help so many. I came today via the #GraceandTruth Linkup.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    ~Sherry Stahl

  • This is a great list! Thanks for sharing at Grace & Truth.

  • What a resource, Ifeoma! Thanks for pulling this all together!

    • 7 years ago

    You put a lot of work into this resource, Ifeoma! Thanks for taking the time to do that, especially when there are so many recommitting to a study of God’s word. Hugs to you!

  • Great resource, Ifeoma! Thank you for putthing this together :).

  • Thanks for sharing this great roundup of resources!! So many different ways to get into God’s Word this year.

  • Wow! What a great list of free bible studies. Thank you for putting them together for us !

  • Great list- thanks for sharing! I love the Bible studies at shereadstruth.com

    • She reads Truth is awesome! Was looking for free Study plans for women! I’m not sure their study is free! I’d love to know about that.
      Blessings to you Leslie

      • Hi Ifeoma. She Reads Truth is free if you use the plans on the website. There is only a charge if you use the app.

  • Great list! I have some free Bible study discussion guides on my website here: http://www.paulandheatherhart.com/bible-study/

    • I have added this to the list ?
      Thanks Heather
      Blessings to you

    • 7 years ago

    This is a wonderful list! I agree with Tammy, I have a new list to visit! Thank you for sharing my studies here! Mostly thank you for leading us to the Word of God! God Bless:)

  • Awesome!

  • This is a wonderful resource! I visit some of these spaces and I have found new ones to go to. Thank you for adding my “Abiding Series!” May God bless you abundantly in this New Year!!

  • What a great resource, thanks for sharing.

  • This is a great list. I agree, we are responsible for our own spiritual growth and being in the Word and studying is of utmost importance. Glad you could share this list!

  • You’ve put together a very helpful resource here. Thank you. Visiting from Inspire Me Monday.

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