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THE INVITATIONS: 21 Hearty Devotions For Your Soul


Every day we are awake to beautiful invitations nudging us to draw nearer, lean closer and glean more.
We see them even in our least favourite places. Jesus sweetly pours out grace and offers us INVITATIONS.

Are you lost, hurt, discouraged?
Do you feel unworthy and undeserving of love?
Are you the one too shy to draw near or the one who feels lonely or messy?
Good News! There is space for you at His feet.
There are cups of grace waiting for especially you… “Yes, You, my friend”.

Ifeoma Samuel opens up each daily devotion with grace-laced invitations. In this beautifully crafted book, she invites you to find courage and hope in messy, mundane and jagged places of life as Jesus says ‘Come’.

This devotional is for every heart that yearns to surrender when He bids us ‘COME’.

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Invitations from the Lord Jesus are open doors to bravely unlocking doors of unlimited opportunities and with limitless access.

In the least favourite places, we find Him sweetly giving us a hand and yet with another He offers us invitations. Many places He bids us to ‘come’.

From Matthew 11:28 and several other scriptures, we will search out many other ‘Bold Invitations’ we need to accept.

Bravely, because it requires surrendering our time, risking our commitment and replacing fear when we take them on.

Unlimited opportunities, because everything we ever need is right there in Him.

Limitless access because God never shuts us away from some aspects of our heritage in Him.

In a few words, accepting God’s invitations requires a brave heart to embrace unlimited opportunities with a boundless access.

The Book contains 21 Amazing Invitations that will stir your hearts to deeper relationship with Christ.

Are you brave enough? Let’s do this!

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