Patience For The One Struggles With Waiting

Patience For The One Struggles With Waiting

I thought I knew what it was to be patient until my visit to the mechanic.

“You know what madam, until you get the car fixed don’t drive anything close to average speed!”


I was shocked. Tell me about driving in a snail’s speed until we were ready to get the car fixed.

How do you learn to wait?

Are you waiting well?

For the first few days it was a struggle. After a while I got used to it!

I began to appreciate the beauty of a gentle drive. Coming from me it’s a good thing.

Allowing the cool wind brush past my hair.

Watching other motorists manipulate the steering wheels.

Families laughing.

Kids waving at random strangers

Moms trying to calm little ones on the back seat.

Oh, pedestrians waiting to catch a ride.

Hawkers displaying their wares on windows of moving vehicles (we have that a lot around here).

Make Sure All The Hurry Is Not Making You Miss The Small Blessings In Life.

Dont get me wrong, we don’t get used to the pain  but we embrace it as a learning curve and a toughening experience.

While you wait for things to be sorted out, we don’t live a joyless life.

We count it as joy going through those difficulties.  

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. ... James 1:2-3

Ponder: How do you learn to wait?

We learn to wait through those difficulties.

Our generation doesn’t like patience.

Everything around us pushes us to dislike waiting. 

The world screams at us when we wait like it did with Job.

Pressures from the society says “why wait?” 

We want things done NOW.

But Whether it is in career, kids, achievements, wealth etc. we can do life with patience.

But do you know waiting is all part of growing process of our faith…

No matter how hard things get, while we do our bit we will wait for the Lord!

If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. Job: 14: 14

Do You know what patience is? 

Patience is giving yourself time to appreciate the not so-fast things of life.

Patience is waiting though it looks like you are doing nothing.

Patience sometimes means you stand on the queue waiting to be called upon while others behind you get the first go!


Think upon this some more: How do you learn to wait?

But we need Patience is in everything and I mean everything. 

Patience towards people, situations and answers to prayers.

To receive the promise, we have got to be patient even after we have done God’s will. Hebrews 10:36

To be perfect and lack nothing, we need to be patient. James 1:4

To go through difficulties, we endure, we wait, we pray and hope. James 5:11

Like Job’s patience yielded abundance in the end, God is compassionate towards us, He will see us through.

We find God calling our hearts to be patient through difficult people, situations or events so we can learn what lessons we ought to.


May be it is too much to ask of you but pray to be patient this year.

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to what you aren’t seeing rather than rushing out of His presence.

Ask for the Holy Spirit to help you through those times when you feel impatient.

Patience is waiting in your war room. 


Patience is extending grace to people even when you think they aren’t worthy because God is patient with us.

Patience in situations is seeing God’s hand at work while waiting for a manifestation.

Everything we go through thickens our patience core.


Somehow, I am glad the car drama happened! After all, that broken car made me realise how impatient I was!

When you ask God to teach your heart to be patient, be truly ready for it!

Now I’m asking for the grace to endure, and the spirit to patient. Like you, I blow it sometimes or should I say a lot but I’m happy I can get up and try again.


Prayer: Dear Lord, help my heart to wait on you. Teach me to be patient especially in difficulties. Let me grow in faith and pateince everyday. When my heart struggles to be patient, when I fail at waiting, teach me dear Lord and help me. And pour out your blessings upon my life in Jesus Name.


Comment Prompt: How do you learn to wait? Are you patient in the waiting room?

    • 7 years ago

    I really do struggle with patience in certain areas of my life. I’m learning to lean on God and keep waiting. It’s not easy but I will be patient.

    • Yes Habiba, I agree it is not easy to have a patient heart especially when everything screams for attention.
      Praying along with you, sister. Thank you for leaving a comment 😉
      Many hearty Blessings to you

  • It is true that for many of us and myself included – we want it “NOW.” To know which direction to turn, to understand what the will of God is in certain difficult situations – yes we can all learn to be more patient. I loved your story about your slow ride enabling you to view things that prior to the slow drive – you passed by too quickly. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. Also thank you for your comments on my true story.

    • Thank you for stopping by today Aunt Hazel, it means a lot to me.
      God bless you

  • I am currently in a season of unbearable waiting. So it feels like it’s unbearable. I thank you for sharing a prayer for a time of waiting along with reminding others that God is doing a work while we wait.

  • Patience is giving yourself time to appreciate the not so-fast things of life.
    Love this simple thought

  • I love your reminder to be patient in our War Rooms. I needed to read this tonight! Thank you for your encouraging post!

  • This is so excellent. I’m so quick to think we have to just go, go, go, when sometimes I need to take a step back and be patient. Especially when waiting for God’s timing. Thank you for sharing!
    The Messy Bun Mama

    • 8 years ago

    Oh, so true. It’s so easy to be hurried and so hard to be patient. Thank you for this sweet reminder today.
    Happy Tuesday!

  • Waiting is not easy but I think it can often be a time of growth. So true there are things we notice when we slow down which we will miss if we just keep rushing on.

  • Thanks for your thoughts on patience, Ifeoma, so important, but sometimes I’m not sure I want the challenge of growing in this area! Thanks for reminding me about being patient in my war room. God is speaking to me to keep praying for some answers that are slow in coming.

  • Patience and I are antagonists;) I really dislike waiting. So God is working on me, it’s painful but I know patience is what I need!
    Great post!

    • I think I get that?
      Hoping to be more patient too?

  • In the midst of practicing patience, it’s good to notice and be blessed by the small things. I love that!
    God’s blessing on you!

  • Patience is difficult to have when everything is so instant. We stream all our TV shows and can Google anything and text anybody within a few seconds of when the thought to do so pops into our heads! Yet it’s so important for the disciple of Christ to learn.

  • I’m teaching Colossians 3:12 to our Sunday School kids, and I love its reminder that patience is something that we put on (like a coat) because it may not come naturally, but, by the power of the Spirit, we can wear it!

    • I hear that!
      Good analogy

    • What a terrific analogy, Michele! This year my one word is also WAIT. Knowing it is something I need on a cold winter day doesn’t mean it falls off the hanger on to me. I have to choose to put on my coat of patience in order to experience it’s benefits. Blessings Ifeoma, Gayl, and Michele from your tag along at Kelly’s

  • Thank you for a post that is a good reminder for patience in the waiting. What a blessing to allow yourself the gift of waiting and in the process know that God is right there with you. I have found myself in a space of waiting for the last year or so and just now feel like I am coming out of it. There were times that patience seemed easy and other times it was very difficult.

    Praying you have a blessed week!

    • Praying for you Mary. Can’t wait to hear your testimony.
      Hugs friend

    • 8 years ago

    Ifeoma, you must have written this just for me. 🙂 I really do want to be patient. I want to slow down and enjoy the moments in each day without rushing through them. I think that is one reason God gave me the word wait for my #oneword365. I can sort of identify with your car incident, though mine doesn’t have anything to do with a car. I had been wanting to lose weight, to slow down when I eat to enjoy each bite, but I continued to struggle with eating too fast. Then last week I fell and bit my lip pretty badly. It’s much better now, but it forced me to take small bites and chew slowly and I found that I was really enjoying my food instead of eating fast and getting busy again. It seems like a small thing, but it has begun a habit that I’m enjoying so maybe it will stick. 🙂 I wouldn’t have chosen this way, but sometimes bad things have good results, right?

    Blessings to you, dear Ifeoma!

    • Hi Gayl your conversation gave me a good laugh…
      I’m happy the rest of us learnt something.
      Thank you so much Gayl.
      I appreciate your kindest feedback

    • Gayl, I love this example.

        • 8 years ago

        Thanks, Michele! 🙂

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