How to Enter into God’s Rest
Bible Study

How to Enter into God’s Rest

Rest Bible Study- How To Enter Into God's Provided Rest for You

Rest is a covenant we enjoy when we honour God. Our attitudes toward God in best and worst seasons play a vital role in how we experience God’s rest.

Today we will take the discussion leaning on two Biblical Characters and explore through scriptures how they entered into divine rest.

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 14:1-15, 2 Chronicles 15: 1-19

Where did King Asa seek help?

Where do you seek for help in times of unrest?

God will never leave us without clear instructions. Prophet Oded’s visit to King Asa was a defining moment. Read carefully and take note of what God says through the Prophet.

Pause and Ponder

What has God warned you about?

Are there instructions you need to write down and tuck away carefully?

How did King Asa respond to corrections?

How do you respond to corrections and instructions?

Two powerful words resonate with our today’s study- obedience and humility. It doesn’t matter the human portfolio we carry God expects us to remain humble and follow wholeheartedly.

Do you notice that the King didn’t pardon his mother’s iniquities? He was not protective of the ones he loved when they were in direct opposition to the Lord’s commands.

He broke down idols. He entered into a covenant of the Lord’s service.

Correction exposes hidden sins Psalm 19: 9-13 and idols we revere above God. It is time to break down those idols.

Asa knew where to turn to for help.

In the place of rest, aligning with the ungodly displeases God and may push us out of the place of rest.

Although Asa enjoyed rest, 2 Chronicles 9: 6-7, he was confronted by the Ethiopians in 2 Chronicles 14:9-14.

Rest doesn’t mean troubles won’t come. Rest means we know the Lord will fight for us.  Rest is returning to God over and again. Rest is dwelling and staying in His presence.

Slow down here and sincerely respond to the following questions.

In what areas is the Lord prodding your heart today?

What idols hinder you from enjoying God’s rest?

Are you seeking help from the right place?

Is your hope set on the Lord or do you hang on to that fear?

Let’s consider his son, Jehoshaphat.

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 17:1-7 and 2 Chronicles 19:1-9

He joined forces with Ahab. Yes, the same King of Israel Ahab. Hanani the Prophet according to the Word of the Lord, rebuked him. Immediately he repented and continued to walk in the fear of the Lord. God fought his battles and granted him all round rest.

Now we have seen learnt about King Asa and his son King Jehoshaphat What similarities jump out for you? Here is mine:

They repented when warned by the Lord through His Prophets

They prepared their hearts to seek the Lord

They took away the idols

They sought God in troubles

They enjoyed divine rest

They did that which was right before the Lord

God fought their battles

Can you lose your rest?

How did King Asa lose divine rest? Read through 2 Chronicles 16:1-14 and Jehoshaphat? 2 Chronicles 20:35

Asa’s disobedience and ignoring the warnings the Prophet gave him in 2 Chronicles 15:2. He relied on man to help him instead of God.

Similar to his father, Jehoshaphat lost his peace when he took his eyes off the Lord 2 Chronicles 20:35. His association with the Ahazariah cost him God’s presence.

Pause and Ponder

Have you lost your rest in God?

Are there wrong associations in your life?

Are your eyes on Jesus or are you trusting arms of flesh?

Let’s explore further about how God’s people can lose their of rest.

Bible Reading: Lamentations 1:1-3, Jeremiah 50:6-7, 31-34

Sin enslaves God’s people. We are not perfect only Christ is our perfection. We are saved purely by grace. Without His mercies our lot would be with the unbelievers.

We need His unfailing mercies daily. 

Read and write out Jeremiah 30: 10

When we lose our way and return back to God, He is faithful and will forgive and show us mercy.

Pause and Ponder

Have you given up on God?

Do you know truly Jesus beyond the church walls?

Do you know Him for yourself?

Is He in your heart?

Not anyone’s testimony, but do you have your testimony of His goodness?

More scriptures to encourage your heart: Isaiah 30:15, Jeremiah 6:16, Jeremiah 46: 27, Job 10:13-20

In summary, if we must enter into God’s provided rest, we should pay attention to the wisdom in His Word. Let’s tie it all together. Shall we?

7 Biblical Ways To Enter into Divine Rest

Accept corrections. Don’t harden your heart or despise the message given. Hebrews 3:8

Return to the Lord seek His mercies and forgiveness. Isaiah 30:15

Continue in the Lord wholeheartedly, fervently and fear Him. Acts 9: 31

Sometimes we may need to fight for and through rest with fasting and prayers Esther 9:16, Hebrews 4:5-11, 2 Chronicles 14:9-14

We must never give up our hope and trust in God Psalm 37:7

Rest in God’s Promise 2 Chronicles 32:8

Have a hunger and desire to enter into the divine rest of God. Prepare your heart to follow the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, I turn to you today. Forgive my sins and shower me with your mercies. Lord, usher me into Your divine rest. Dear Heavenly Father, cause my heart trust in You always. Guide me and lead me into Your eternal rest in Jesus name.

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