Rest in Different Life Seasons
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Rest in Different Life Seasons

7 Ways You Can Enjoy Rest In Different Seasons of Life. 7 Nuggets of Hope For Troubled Times

The seasons of the earth typifies the human life seasons. As our journey through life seasons differs so also do we experience God’s rest in different ways throughout.

Our normal life activities correspond to life seasons.

In each of these phases, there is need to pause and rest. And God provides the perfect rest our souls need.

7 Ways We Can Enjoy Divine Rest In Life Seasons

We enjoy rest from enemies – mortal or spiritual Deuteronomy 12:10

We enjoy rest during the storms of life Ruth 3:18

We enjoy rest from sorrow, fear, hard bondage Isaiah 14:3-7

We enjoy rest in safety Job 11:18

We enjoy the gift of rest in God’s promise  Joshua 1:13

We enjoy round about rest Joshua 21:43-45

Eternal rest which is our promised rest and eternal hope Revelation 21:4

Pause and Ponder

What season of life are you in?

In what areas are you longing for rest?

Do you need rest in …Ministry, Fitness, health and wellness, academics, work life, mental health, finances, safety and security, emotional healing, relationships, parenting, marriage, spirituality, family life etc. take time to pray over these.

Rest in the Troubled Seasons

Bible Reading: Genesis 7-12, Numbers 10:33-36, Leviticus 23:3

The Book of Exodus opens up a journey of the people out of the clutches of bondage, forty years voyage through the wilderness, and possessing Canaan land.

Notice how God kept them in Goshen throughout the Ten Plagues of Egypt. While the land experienced a blood bath, losses, sicknesses and waste, Goshen was exempt. The Israelites were safe!

What does this mean for us?

Are you hidden under the wings of His mercies?

You can be surrounded by evil but it doesn’t come close to you because you are under God’s protection. We are thankful for the token of the blood of Jesus. God will always provide a hiding place. A shelter. A place of refuge. A resting place.

Moving ahead, God led the children of Israel through the hand of Moses and Aaron out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. Several challenges began to surface making the people doubt and disobey God.

When we look closely we find that their in between made a difference between those who left bondage and those who eventually entered into their promised place of rest.

What is the significance of the Israelites exodus to us?

What is the difference between those who entered into the promise land and those who did not?

The Twelve Spies went to Canaan land to behold the beauty of the Promised Land. Ten except Caleb and Joshua returned with a mixed testimony‑ good fruits and giants. They magnified the stature and ability of the Canaanites over God. Their evil reports turned the hearts of people against God. Numbers 13: 1-33

Dig Deeper: Hebrews 3:8-11, Hebrews 3: 15-19 and Hebrews 4:6

7 Nuggets of Hope For Enjoying Rest In Times of Troubles

God’s presence is with you for the journey. We cannot enter into divine promise for rest without God’s presence leading us. Numbers 10: 33-34

To enjoy rest in times of troubles we need to endure till the end. Not all who began this faith journey will enter into God’s Rest. It takes obedience and wholly following the Lord to take possession of the place of rest God has promised.

Rest is a gift from God and we should trust that God’s promises. Exodus 33:14 and Joshua 1:13

We need to support others enter into their own rest. Like the Reubenites, Gadites, and half-Manasseh, who crossed over Jordan to help their brothers and sisters get into their possession Joshua 1:12-16, Deuteronomy 3:20    

We have to be courageous to fight and take possession of our Spiritual Blessings. Rest is not the absence of battles. Courage in spite of fear. Brave-hearted to face giants. That means we have to fight for that which we believe and stay on course.

Only through Faith can we get into God’s Rest. We should never being doubt or magnify the giants. The faith Caleb and Joshua had in God brought them into the land.

God’s Word + Received by Faith = Victory and Rest

God gives clear instruction for our place of rest. God always gives us instruction ahead to help us sustain the gift He has given. For example Deuteronomy 25:19… there are several scriptural instructions for His children.

Leviticus to Deuteronomy is laden with instructions on how to worship, the priesthood, how to treat other people, the order and conduct for the people. In the same way, Christ has laid out Kingdom principles for believers today.

We enjoy rest when we heed to divine instruction.

The nature of our spiritual journey depends solely on our obedience. God has called us to live obedience. Obedience to His Word wins over and over.

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By His Great Grace,

Ifeoma Samuel

  • Amen. These are such good thoughts. Entering into God’s rest is a process for us. But as we follow His Word, and listen to His leading, He will daily bring us into more of His rest. Thank you for this study, Ifeoma.

    • I am thankful that it is blessing your heart. Yes friend it is a process. God help us faithfully finish the race here and enter into His eternal rest.
      Hugs Bettie.

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