21 Days Prayer For Wives Day 1
Bible Study Devotions

21 Days Prayer For Wives Day 1

Who can find a virtuous woman? Proverbs 31:10

This means she has to be sought for. She is not every woman. There are women who do well but this sought of breed is not seen in every corner of the street. She is hard to find. Ruth was described as a virtuous woman. If we dig deep into her life we see that she did what normal daughter in-laws would not. She chose a path far different from the ordinary.

Do you want to be her?

Something stood out for sure. It was the hunger she had for God and His people. You have to be a God-seeker to be her. Ruth left her ordinary, familiar and comfortable to follow the God of Israel and to be with His people.

Additional Reading: Proverbs 12:4, and Proverbs 19:14


Lord Jesus make me a woman of virtue. Prune me, purge me and make me the woman I need to be. Dear Lord, make me to be the woman called virtuous. In the place of difficulty you bring the best out of your children. Father, make the best use of me for your Glory. I choose to live the life of the virtuous woman, a life separated unto the Lord. Help me dear Jesus.

  • Love this Ifeoma! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ruth was an extraordinary woman in many ways and I guess that is why she is found in the genealogy of Jesus which is an extraordinary thing for a woman. Thank you for the insights.

    • Yes Miriam! There’s so much treasure in the Word.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Blessings to you

    • 7 years ago

    Make me the woman I need to be on Lord. Make the best use of me for your glory!

  • “Father make the best use of me for your glory.” Amen! I want my heart to be surrendered like that!

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