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Ruth Bible Study: 40 Days in the Book of Ruth


Is the Book of Ruth Worth studying on a deeper level? Yes, in fact every Book of the Bible is very much worth your time.

Is the Book of Ruth for the woman in a particular life season? It is for every woman in every season of life. The Book of Ruth is for every woman no matter the portfolio, roles, functions or life season

The Ruth Bible Study is written in an interactive format to help you,

  • Learn Biblical Principles of Hope, Faith and Redemption
  • Connect these biblical principles learnt to our Modern World
  • Find real hope and joy through life journey.


For several reasons one of my favourite Bible Books is the Book of Ruth. Perhaps you heard this story for a millionth time or you have read through it severally, believe me there’s always more to glean from the Book of Ruth.

The truth is, the scriptures are fresh everyday when we look through them with a pair of fresh eyes and faith.

I humbly invite you to walk through into the Book of Ruth every week day for the next 40 days (8 weeks). I’d love for us to walk through these verses together. This is the longest study I have done on the blog so far. I am excited and praying every woman that comes along find hope, and peace through God’s Word. 

What you will find here:

  • 180+ pages of intriguing look at the Book of Ruth
  • Daily In-depth Verse by verse Study
  • Interactive Study with reflections and journal activity
  • Other resources to help you dig deeper


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