The Yielded Life Bible Study

The Yielded Life Bible Study

The Yielded Life Bible Study

For the first time for as long as I remember, I woke up unsure of what I truly wanted on my New Year Plan. Evaluating, asking probing questions and wondering if they belonged there. 

Eventually, I came up with an empty page.

A gentle nudge reminded me of how unable I am to control or handle my life. Lord, I surrender!

With a yielding heart I approach my New Goals. A heart willing to surrender to God’s Will and not to my unending desires.

In this Study, we will see the importance of following hard after God’s Will and staying right there in His Presence, listening and obeying as He leads the way. If you are in the midst of making Plans or about to take New turns in Life, this study is worth your time. 


Day 1: The Yielded Life Bible Study (Introduction)

Day 2: The Surrendered Life 

Day 3: Not My Will 

Day 4: How God’s Will Helps you Live A Surrendered Life

Day 5: When Surrender is Hard

Day 6: 5 Prayers For A Surrendered Heart


A Word About Our Bible Study

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What you need to complete your Bible Study here:

First hand we always remind our readers that what is important is a willing heart. A heart committed to learning at His feet.

You do need a writing material. Penning down your learning points helps your memory and provides an opportunity for you to return to each milestone of your study.

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Bible Study

The Yielded Life Bible Study

Happy New Year people!

It’s New year New resolutions, New Plans etc.

You know I love plans and making them. They give you a map to follow. Properly designed plans show you a strategy. I spend valuable time exploring how to make my plans somewhat better.

*To read all eight New Year  articles shared on the Blog CLICK HERE

Can I share something with you, friends? This year was different! And I mean it…

A few days to the end of the year, my journal was plain. No ink ran through the fresh page. Usually, I always have some activity lined up but this time I had nothing.

God-sized dreams, big goals and all of it are there. But I needed to hear from Him. I had received no affirmation in my Spirit.

This prayer lingered a while in my heart…. “Lord, lead me to Your Will”.

In a few days that one prayer would push me out of my comfort zone. Make me drive a longer distance, re-shape my morning routine, teach me to commit and serve at a workplace and so on.

When you choose to follow God’s Will, you choose an unexpected experience.

God takes us through the unfamiliar road. That means to follow through His plan for your life, you have got to listen and obey all the way.

That’s what I am wholeheartedly committing to doing this year. Pause, Listen, Obey and Do

While others decide on their one word for the year, God is taking me on a different route this year. Perhaps, I would come up with several “one words” I can’t say. But I am going where He leads, God help me.

I think we should be saying that prayer a lot more.

God’s Will is the more important than Your Year Plan.

Rather than chase our desires (as we have always done) shall we listen and obey His Will?

While we desperately try to orchestra our lives, let this be a gentle reminder that where God wants us to be needs Him leading us there. He knows where His taking us. He knows what we need for our journey. We have no hand it! I love this scripture.

Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. Jeremiah 10:23

As I dug deeper into this study, one thing stood out. Whether we go through suffering, persecution, instruction, waiting for the due time, surrendering to God’s Will in every situation is key.

This brings us to The Yielded Life Bible Study. I want to share this with you and I hope you come along. You can expect series of articles in this study.

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  • Pause, listen, obey, do. These are great formulas for doing more this year.
    Thanks for sharing your learning and blessings.

  • Yes! I want to pause and listen for His Will this year too. Eager to begin this study that God has given you, Ifeoma!

    • Thank you Bettie.
      Sorry wen are behind schedule but I am working towards having the studies up before the week runs out.
      Happy New to you my friend

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