War Room Prayers for the New Year
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War Room Prayers for the New Year

With all my heart I pray the very best blessings to you and your family in the New Year.

My family are spending a couple weeks in our home town. It’s been so good thus far!

The serenity of nature poured joy into my heart. Nature makes glad the heart. The curtains of the year are closing down and ushering in a New Year filled with lots of expectations.

As I listened to the tales of the country side from other women, I figure it is not different from my own personal challenges, expectations, hopes and joys.

Friends, no matter where we find ourselves someone somewhere is going through what we are experiencing. People are people no matter where, who or what they are. 

We are confronted with life challenges and that’s it. 

During my alone moments, I found time to do a thorough life check up.

Reflection is not an easy process for many of us especially when the previous year came with some turbulence. In all God is good, right?

The beauty of revisiting the Year’s Activities allows you embrace the lessons you have learnt, appreciate mistakes and lean towards growth. We recant all of God’s blessings when we spend time reflecting.

That brings us here, friend.

I would love for you to check out 8 valuable articles that cover proper preparation for the New Year for you. You know what? Your kids are not left out.

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No great achievement starts without adequate prayers and of course preparation, plans and goals. But I don’t want to get carried away by my own agenda. I want to be carried into His will and stay on course.

Here are some prayers and scriptures to help you as you prepare for the year.

Lord, grant me a peaceful year. Let your peace reside in my home, family and community in Jesus Name. Keep me far from evil. Keep all that concerns me in safety and in Peace. Hide my family and all that concerns me in the center of your will. (Isaiah 26:3)

Dear Father direct my path. Lead me every step of the way. May I receive guidance for every month. Show what to do and how to do it. Dear Lord, release upon my life divine wisdom to navigate the New Year successfully. Wisdom to overcome every life challenges.  Father, fight every battle and grant me all round victory in Jesus name. (Psalm 138)

Saturate me with your presence. Let my ears hear you. May eyes see your glory and my lips be filled with a new song. Help me to dwell in your presence. Never leave me nor forsake me. Show me the way I should go in Jesus name.(Hebrews 13:5, Exodus 33:14)

Pour your blessings upon my husband life, our work, our children, our health, career, home life, family and community. May every effort yield great increase in Jesus name. Grant us fruitfulness and great productivity in Jesus name.(Psalm 90:17)

How have you been prepping for the New Year?

Stay Blessed and have a fruitful Year ahead.. 

  • I love being surrounded with nature too. It’s amazing how it refreshes the soul. I hope you had a wonderful celebration. Happy 2018!

    • Hey, gal. How are you? Thank you for checking up on me. Yes indeed, I had a beautiful time with family.
      God Bless

  • Dear Ifeoma,
    Thank you for sharing these precious Scripture-prayers! They are so good for starting this New Year. And this: “But I don’t want to get carried away by my own agenda. I want to be carried into His will and stay on course,” is so much what I am feeling also! Blessings and Love to you in 2018, Dear Friend!

    • Happy New Year to you my dearest friend.
      So happy you stopped by. Regards to you and your family.

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