The Power Of Sister Friends In Hard Times
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The Power Of Sister Friends In Hard Times

This Week’s Study we see a Determined Ruth willing to go all the way for Naomi. Welcome to Week 2 of our Ruth Bible Study

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You will agree with me that tough situations reveal true friends; the test of Naomi produced a friendship much stronger to overcome the trails. Some lessons embedded in this week include;

Sisters are beautiful. It’s a Blessing to have precious sisters in your life who are there through thick and thin.

Pray for godly friends. Pray for God to bless your garden with such beautiful flowers that give fresh blossom and sweet fragrance.

They make living worthwhile and purposeful even when you think all hope is lost.

Pray and Work towards becoming a true friend. While you’re not sent to rescue everyone, you can be a blessing to those God has placed in your life. Ruth was an emotional and physical support for Naomi especially in hard season of life.

Respect the friends you are blessed with. Don’t despise them. Be there for them too. Value what they come with. Treasure their gifts of love their heart carries.


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