Day 3 – Thankful for Peace on every side

Day 3 – Thankful for Peace on every side

30 Days of Thanksgiving- The God of peace

Welcome to 30 Days of Thankfulness

Thankful for Peace on every side

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:27-30

Every month comes with its battles.

What giants did you face this year?

Have you fought long and hard just to keep your head above the waters?

Life is hard even hard without Christ. The good news is your fights are God’s fights. You have a place to take your warfare to and you don’t need to do life battles alone.

I am thankful that God not only fights our battles, but He also gives us victory on every side.

King Jehoshaphat is a perfect example of when God fights your battles. God’s peace is not like that of the world. It is not based on present circumstances.

Think of what it is like to be surrounded by peace in the midst of your enemies. That’s what King Jehoshaphat experienced when God took over. 2 Chronicles 20:29

Again, I say, I am thankful to be surrounded by the peace of God.

I am thankful for the battles he fights on my behalf. Take a moment to write all the battles you fought during the past months.

How did the Lord turn the situation around

Prayer Prompt: Thank God for peace in your home, and around you.

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