Why People Neglect Battles
Bible Study

Why People Neglect Battles

The Spirit of Giant Slayer Bible Study: Why People Neglect Their Giants

I had scheduled to include this in the previous post but I realized it would be too long. I am satisfied making it a stand-alone episode. So here it goes…

How did the recent events in the U.S. affect you?

How will the death of George Floyd influence our perspective on racism, social injustices and other life issues?

It did affect me greatly. I co-run a 2000+ multicultural and multiracial Christian Women Blogging Group along with my friend Ashley Hudson. With emotions all over the place, many of the women shared their heart-breaking experiences. We came together in an online fellowship sharing encouraging words and prayers too.

I spent the entire week perusing various resources and getting adequate knowledge about the situation. I have walked in those shoes of oppression before but this is about others and their own stories. It is about finding healing, restoration, solution, and unlearning and relearning.

We can’t fight giants we know nothing or scantily about. Our fight starts when we acknowledge there’s a “Big” issue, then get well informed about the problem. Then we seek practical and meaningful ways to address it.

Injustices, oppressions, full-blown out wars and protests occur because we ignored their effects at the initial stage.

Instead of facing these giants, many of us choose to ignore, or play naive, or run!

 Very relevant to our today’s study is the neglect of challenges and why we shut down instead of elbow our way through.

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 17:10-11, Judges 6: 1- 17, Esther 4: 1-13

Watch the Video Session: #1 Reason People Neglect Their Battles

Spend some time reading over 1 Samuel 17: 10 before David enters the story, there were other soldiers. They were trained experts in war yet they retreated to their shells.

What makes people abandon the fight?

4 Reasons People Neglect Their Giants

1. Looking for help outside of Christ. Your life’s battle cannot not be won outside of Christ.

Let’s Read Mark 5:25-34. The woman with the issue of blood was carrying a cross too heavy for any woman to bear. Twelve years of her life and all her savings wasted on going from one doctor after another in search for a solution.

As a woman I know understand the discomfort associated with the monthly flow. Now, imagine twelve years of ceaseless blood loss. Huh?

Her mental health, emotional even physical health would be severely battered. How many of those wounds are carrying?

Until this woman came to Jesus that Giant of blood wasting disease persisted.

Is Jesus the only answer? Yes, Yes and Yes.

In a world full of weeping and pain, Christ is all we need.

2. Spiritual Blindness. Recall we spoke about people did not know they were under the bondage of Giants, remember what Hosea 4:6.

Walking in ignorance is dangerous. Not knowing that there’s a bigger problem underneath our struggles is worse still.

Join me pray this: Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see. Expose places of ignorance with the Truth of Your Word in Jesus name.

The people that sat in darkness has seen a great light! Isaiah 9:2 Jesus has come to give us light. His Word is light unto our feet. Psalm 119:105. That is the Power of taking in God’s Word. It destroys ignorance, illuminates the darkness and shatters lies.

Generational problems that never really being tackled linger on even in the lives of the believers! How so? Simply because they have not been resisted.

More Bible Readings: James 4:7, Matthew 18:18, Numbers 14:28

3. Getting used to the problem. In Judges 6, we see an offended Gideon. Upset about the audacity of the Midianites and the impoverishment of his people but he felt there was nothing that could be done at least not by him. In his heart was a burning desire that things would change. Look around you, injustice, unfairness, oppression, evils laid bare in the open. it cannot continue to be this way. The vestige of a fallen world.

We live in a complacent and selfish generation. Nobody wants to shake the table. We want to be politically right. We want to look good in the eyes of men. No surprise, the status quo remains as is.

Others become selfish like Hezekiah (2 Kings 20: 18-19) not worried if some take the hit for what we failed to make right.

What am I doing in my own space?

Mordecai urged Esther not to be a bystander despite her justifiable excuse. Esther 4: 10-11

If you had the power to change an ill, would you do it boldly?

Would you take a stand for the Lord?

4. Fear. Oh my! this is a big stumbling block. As discussed in the video. Take a listen HERE

Gideon saw the problem but he was afraid. The Lord knew his fears. His fears were seen. His weakness, God knew. Asking him to step forward and take up the mandate would need a lot of encouragement. But God knows our frame and He gave Gideon all the signs, encouragement that he needed.

Are there places where you are afraid to take a stand?

We all have those places that make us feel scared.

Sometimes what God places in our hearts scare us silly like Gideon. And our weaknesses that make us give excuses.

In our video we also spoke of Esther and the Israelites.

Ask the Lord for boldness. Ask for courage to walk the warriors path like Joshua. I urge you to break through your fears into freedom from the chains of giants.

5. No intercessor. Imagine if every family had one person to intercede?

People continue to be in captivity because there is no Nehemiah, no Daniel, No Moses, No Ezra, no Deborah

What if you are the chosen vessel?

What if God placed that burden in your heart for you to be stirred up?

Deborah caught the strategy for the defeat Judges 4:4-9. She was standing where she needed to be. What if every mother wakes up to her responsibility of praying and asking the Lord to turn around the situation of the Nation or her family?

What if women in Israel took up the heaven’s mandate to be praying women?

Read Ezekiel 22:30

What is holding you back from facing your giants?

What is keeping you farther from victory?

Have you learnt anything from the recent George Floyd’s case?

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By His Great Grace, Ifeoma Samuel

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